Vanderhall Venice GT

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This unusual vehicle is assembled in the United States, in Utah. For the first time, probably more than 10 years ago, I saw something similar under the brand name Morgan (British automaker). British tricycle was impressive in many aspects, including … Continued

Bollinger B4

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Earlier I posted a post about the Bollinger B1 B2 electric SUV. And this American car seemed interesting to me in many aspects, but it has not been put into mass production yet. It seems that the first serial vehicle … Continued

Arcimoto fuv

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This is a very unusual vehicle. In addition to being a cross between a car and a motorcycle, it is also electrically powered. We are talking about an American tricycle by Arcimoto from Oregon. There are two wheels in the … Continued

LionC Electric

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Everyone remembers the famous, school buses from the USA. Even those who have never been to the States have seen these cars, as they were shown in many movies. I think they can even be called a symbol of America. … Continued

Lion5 Electric

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Last time we talked about the Lion8 Tractor, – a new, electric, long-haul tractor from Canada. This truck is really interesting and may have a great future not only in Canada, but also in the US.But right now I’d like … Continued

Lion8 Tractor

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Not everyone has heard of the Canadian company Lion Electric – it is a young manufacturer of electric vehicles. At the same time, it is a leader in the production of electric school buses. In addition to them, the company … Continued

Mullen Five

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We’ve talked about Mullen commercial trucks before. To be honest, – both One and Three aroused my great interest, but they were vehicles primarily designed for work and cargo transportation. It’s unlikely that an ordinary family man would buy one … Continued

Mullen Three

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Hello, dear friends. Today we will continue to get acquainted with American electric trucks of Mullen brand. We will talk about the Three model, which, like other Mullen trucks, is assembled in Tunica, Mississippi. In the previous post we wrote … Continued

Mullen One

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It is a compact, maneuverable van for city transportation, on electric traction. In Ukraine, I had never heard of the Mullen brand at all. But gathering information on YouTube and the Internet I found out that this van is produced … Continued

Bollinger B1 B2

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I have never heard of Bollinger cars in Ukraine. Even in the USA, not many people know about this electric car manufacturer. As far as I know, it is not possible to establish serial production of this electric SUV, but … Continued