1899 Winton 6h.p

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It may come as a surprise to some today, but when Winton produced 106 Model 6h.p cars in 1899, it was the largest producer of engine cars in the United States. Such a significant number of cars were produced despite the doubled cost of the previous models. And also because the Winton company was the first in the U.S. to have a dealer center outside of its home state of Ohio.

1899 Winton 6h.p made a run from Cleveland to New York. The trip then took 5 days, and the car had a reporter on board who was writing an article during the adventure. When the crew arrived in New York, the car was greeted by a large number of people, including a measure. A little later, based on this article, other publications published posts about this run.

Let me remind you that Winton cars were assembled in Cleveland. At that time this city was the automobile center of the USA. Here were assembled magnificent Peerless and mass electric cars Baker.

Dimensions and photos of 1899 Winton 6h.p.

This Winton was one of the first cars equipped with pneumatic tires. This alone greatly increased the comfort of the car. Of course, having these tires required that the car be equipped with a pump. The wheel rims have bicycle type spokes, which was normal for that time.
In the rear part of the tent you can see a small window. It can have an oval or rectangular shape. Such a window can be useful when maneuvering in reverse.

Equipment and interior.

The 1899 Winton 6h.p had only one row of seats for two people, including the driver. By the way, the driver’s seat was on the right side. For driving the car used a special lever, which could be tilted on a special hinge, for more convenient access to the seat, or vice versa – disembarkation.

Specifications and engine 1899 Winton 6h.p.

The Winton is equipped with a single-cylinder engine mounted under the seat. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a chain, which was the norm at the time. It is worth mentioning here that later, just 4 years later, Winton continued to use chain power transmission. Whereas Peerless at that time was already using a driveshaft. The suspension is in the form of elliptical leaf springs.

The 1899 Winton 6h.p did not become a cult car. But it was this car that gave impetus to the development of the Winton company. Today we know that this manufacturer did not live to see the war, but at the very end of the 19th century it seemed that Winton was a giant. They were technically advanced and quality cars.
Perhaps because Winton emphasized quality rather than mass production, the company could not survive. And in 1899, the car of this brand became the most mass-produced car with an internal combustion engine in the United States. But that was before the Ford era, which will begin soon. This auto giant will make the car affordable in the beginning, and later it will make the car with V8 available. Ford will completely change the rules of the game.
Today, there is very little information about Winton brand cars. I only tried to remind about this worthy manufacturer, which in its time had chances to take the leading position in the American automobile industry.

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