1902 Ford 999

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Henry Ford worked on the 1902 Ford 999 even before he started his own, automobile company. He was assisted in his work on the race car by famous racers of the time: – Barney Oldfield and Tom Cooper. When both cars were built and it was time for testing, the two built cars just wouldn’t start. This was probably not what Henry Ford had expected, having previously raced successfully and competed successfully with Alexander Winton himself. It cost $5,000 dollars to design and build the race cars.

The price and value of the 1902 Ford 999.

Both cars were purchased by Barney Allfield and Tom Cooper for $800. The racers continued to work on the cars and in the summer of 1902 they started the car painted in red color.
By the way, the name – 999, racing car received in honor of the train – record-breaker. Which in 1893 developed a speed of 181.1km per hour. In 1902, the red car, driven by Barney Oldfield, won an eight-kilometer race. The 1902 Ford 999 beat the car of Alexander Winton, who was the favorite in the race. In the same year Barney Oldfield set a speed record on the Grosse Pointe circuit.

Later, the engine was also started in the second yellow car. Unfortunately, in 1903 it was crashed by Frank Day. The remains of the car were bought by Henry Ford. After repairs, this car set a speed record in 1904th, – 147, 05km.

Photo 1902 Ford 999.

As you can see, there is no body on this Ford. On the frame is attached a huge engine and only one seat for the driver. As we said above, the cars were painted in red and yellow color. The 999 symbols were applied to the back of the seat and to the fuel tank mounted on the side of the engine.
Note that the tires have no tread – they are completely smooth. Spoked wheels, bicycle type, were the norm for that time.

Interior and equipment.

There is no round steering wheel, the control is carried out by a bicycle-type lever. Of course, there’s no question of any merit for the racer. But let’s remember that this car, even without a windshield, was able to reach a speed of more than 140km per hour already in 1902!

Engine and specification of the 1902 Ford 999.

The huge, four-cylinder engine of the 1902 Ford 999 had a displacement of 18.9 liters! Power ranged from 70 to 100 horsepower. Of course, 100 horsepower, at the time, was an incredibly significant amount of power.
Imagine that the flywheel of this enormous engine weighed 104 kilograms! The suspension was leaf springs.

This is an impressive machine. It’s not just the overall size and displacement of the engine, but the displacement of each of the cylinders. It looks like the manufacturer was trying to maximize power with this huge displacement. Think about it – 100 horsepower, at a time when the average internal combustion car had 6-8 horsepower! That was fantastic power!

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