1902 Knox Model C

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I don’t think many people today remember the Knox car. But these early 20th century American automobiles had many innovations. The 1902 Knox Model C ran through 1904. It was a time when the United States of America did not have paved roads, and many people still rode horses.
It was a time when Thomas Motor Company produced the Model 17 and Winton produced the 24h.p. Compared to them, Knox was producing a more modest machine. The 1902 Knox Model C engine was single cylinder and air cooled. Note the rods with which the engine block is covered. They are 2 inches long and are designed to dissipate heat. I don’t remember seeing this on any car.

A new 1902 Knox Model C could be purchased for $1,200. It was a mid-range car, not too expensive, but not cheap either.

1902 Knox Model C, let’s have a look at the photo.

The cars were equipped with a removable, padded roof. The wheel spokes were wood and had firestone tires on them. The crank starter lever was mounted on the left side instead of the front. The Knox Runabout was equipped with passenger seats mounted in front of the driver’s seat. With this arrangement, the driver sat behind and higher than the front passengers. The wheelbase of such a car was 72 inches. The passenger seats could be easily covered by special panels. Acetylene-powered headlights were not mounted at the front of the car, but on the sides of the passenger compartment.

Looking at the photo of 1902 Knox Model C from the side, you can notice a very unusual shape of springs. There is no separate spring for each wheel. In the case of the Knox, one spring goes to the front and rear wheels and extends along the entire body. I don’t remember seeing this solution on any other car.

1902 Knox Model C interior and equipment.

It is unusual for American cars of that time that the driver’s seat is installed on the left, not on the right side. There is no traditional steering wheel, the steering is done with a special lever, which was the norm for the time.

The front end can be thrown back and you can put your feet on it. I tried to show this in the photo.

1902 Knox Model C engine and specifications.

As on many cars of the time, the single-cylinder engine was mounted under the seat, horizontally rather than vertically. The motor produced 8 horsepower. The Knox car could reach a top speed of 48 kilometers per hour thanks to a two-speed, manual transmission.

This is an unusual car, produced at a time when there were no electric headlights, starter or even a round steering wheel. This car carries technical solutions that were not in the cars of other manufacturers. Therefore, one wants to remember this, scored by many brands.

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