1902 Peerless Type F

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Today, the manufacturer Peerless is remembered only by enthusiasts with a passion for vintage cars. But at one time, this company produced some of the most luxurious and quality cars in America. Back then, Peerless cars were on a par with Pierce – Arrow, Packard and Cadillac. The company did not last long – as in the case with Franklin and Marmon, it was ruined by the Great Depression. But even today, Peerless cars are the pride of many collections.
At one time, Peerless was one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the United States. The company, located in Cleveland, started producing cars in 1900. At the first time they were licensed, French machines De Dion – Bouton.
In 1902 Peerless produced Type F, – its first independent model. A huge contribution to the creation of the machine was made by the chief engineer of the company – Louis Morse.

Price and sale 1902 Peerless Type F.

It was possible to buy a new Peerless Type F for 2,500 dollars. At that time, it was a very significant amount of money. It was an expensive car. Today, the cost of such a car at auction is determined by the degree of restoration and preservation. A car on the move in good condition can be bought for 70,000 dollars. But the price can vary greatly, depending on the specific instance.

Appearance and photos.

Depending on the modification, Peerless Type F could be equipped with a hard roof, which at that time was an attribute of an expensive car. Just by the photo you can see that the engine is installed in front, while at that time, on most cars the engine was installed under the seat. Also from the photo you can pay attention to the presence of a crooked starter. In those years it was the norm, because the electric starter had not yet been invented. And for this reason, women often chose electric cars. For example – Baker, which we talked about in one of the previous posts.
On the sides of the body you can see special, duffel baskets. Headlights were installed not only in front of the radiator grille, but also on the sides of the engine compartment partition. The windshield was an option and of course it contributed to comfort, especially in bad weather.
I have not found accurate information on the dimensions and weight of this Peerless, but by the standards of the time, it was a large car. Thick, rubber tires contributed to the comfort. The wheel spokes are made of steel, not wood, which of course contributes to comfort.

Interior and equipment.

Note that this Peerless uses a steering wheel rather than a rotary lever for steering. This alone sets the Type F apart from many other cars of the time. A steering wheel is certainly more comfortable than a lever. It is not in vain that it was installed on all cars later on.
The 1902 Peerless Type F has room for four people. It is a large and comfortable car. The klaxon is outside the saloon, which was also the norm for those years. Some cars were equipped with a windshield.

Engine and specifications of 1902 Peerles Type F.

As mentioned above, the engine of the 1902 Peerles Type F was mounted at the front. The engine was a two-cylinder, whereas at the time, most base models were single-cylinder. This is another reminder that the Peerless was an expensive automobile. In addition, the 16 horsepower, for 1902, was significant. The high horsepower made the car easier to drive up hills, and it felt less loaded behind the wheel. It was also unusual for the Peerless to have the cooling system radiator mounted behind the engine rather than in front of it. This did not help the radiator to blow better, but it was a time when internal combustion engine cars were in their infancy.
In addition to the powerful engine, the 1902 Peerless Type F also featured a three-speed manual transmission. At the time, a three-speed gearbox was a rarity. The expensive nature of the car is also indicated by the presence of a driveshaft. At the beginning of the century, most of the cars with internal combustion engine transmitted power to the rear axle with the help of a chain. Here a more expensive solution is used, which in itself indicates a higher class of the car.
The suspension is made in the form of elliptic leaf springs, which was a standard solution for that time.

If, at the very beginning of the 20th century, you lived in the USA and had money for a high-quality, expensive car. You might have looked at a Peerless car. A car from this company gave a lot; – a spacious interior, a powerful engine with two cylinders and a three-speed, gearbox. All these were significant advantages, which determined the price of two and a half thousand dollars at the very beginning of the 20th century.
Peerless cars were powerful and technological, but behind this company was not a powerful concern like GM, behind Cadillac. Therefore, the company from Cleveland did not manage to survive the hard times. This also affected other manufacturers of fine cars from the USA, which could not survive the Great Depression.

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