1934 International C-Series

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The 1934 International C-series resembles the passenger cars of its time in appearance. This vehicle was produced at a time when the United States was already recovering from the Great Depression and the economy required a light, commercial truck. The C-series was not a stand-alone design by International, which by that time had already been producing heavy trucks for a long time. The patents and licenses needed to build the truck were purchased from Willys. The new truck replaced the D-Series and had a payload of ½ ton. Assembly was done in Springfield, Ohio. By the end of production 80,000 of these trucks were produced.

1934 International C-Series Price and Value.

Today, you can buy a restored 1934 International C-Series for $40,000. We are talking about the car after a quality restoration. Of course, abandoned cars found in a barn under an inch of dust, whose engines can not start, are much cheaper. It is not uncommon for such specimens to become the base for hot rods.

Exterior and photo of the 1934 International C-Series.

Note that this International has a one-piece windshield. At the same time it has not a big slope and can be raised, for better ventilation of the cabin. On the side panels of the hood there are inscriptions – international. The 20-inch wheels are decorated with chrome wheel covers.

The headlights are mounted on the fenders, – the time has not yet come when the headlights are integrated into the fender. An additional headlight could be mounted on the long leg of the side mirror, which the driver could direct without leaving the cabin. The wheelbase is – 113 inches. The rear wheels can be double, – it not only increases the load capacity, but also increases passability on the road without hard surface. Above the wide sill, on the right side, there is a metal plate with the main characteristics of the car. In the lower part of the radiator grille you can notice a hole for the starter curve, and in the upper part there is a plug for filling the coolant.

Interior and equipment of the 1934 International C-Series.

The front panel is all metal and has no trim – as do the doors. Central locking is located in the center of the front panel, between the instrument dials. The cabin has a full sofa, but the interior is rather narrow, so three people will not fit here.

Floor panels are removable and the battery is located under the panel, under the driver’s feet. During driving, the noise from the gearbox and rear axle gearbox constantly penetrates into the cabin. There is a light above the window in the rear wall of the cabin.

Engine and specifications of 1934 International C-Series.

Under the hood of the 1934 International C-Series is an in-line, six-cylinder, 273 cubic inch gasoline engine. This engine produces 78.5 horsepower and is fed by a single carburetor. The transmission is a manual, three-speed. The suspension is in the form of semi-elliptic leaf springs.

This is a beautiful and stylish car. They were released quite a lot and initially they were not exclusive, so the price for such cars today is not so great. At least a quality restored machine will cost about 40,000.

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