1937 Fordson Thames 7v

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The 1937 Fordson Thames 7v was the successor to the Model BB. It had a payload of up to 5 tons, making the 7v a medium duty truck. It was a cabover truck with a single, rear axle – which provided good maneuverability in the city. In addition to the truck, the Thames 7v was also produced as a bus.
It was a very versatile vehicle, which had many uses. It could carry building materials, groceries, furniture and even be used to transport soldiers.

The 1937 Fordson Thames 7v was equipped with a V8 engine, and such a layout at that time was still advanced. Today you can buy a model of 1937 Fordson Thames 7v.

Exterior and photos of 1937 Fordson Thames.

The headlights are attached to the front fenders with rivets. Early 1937-38 model years are characterized by the shape of the radiator grille. The one-piece windshield contributes to better visibility, which is important when maneuvering in the city. In case of damage, it was more expensive to replace than a two-piece windshield – which was more common in those years.

The rear wheels are twin – it increases not only load capacity, but also passability in loose soil, mud, or snow. This was important at the time, because there were fewer paved roads than today, and these Ford trucks were not always used in urban areas.

Interior and equipment of 1937 Fordson Thames 7v.

You may notice from the photo that the steering wheel here is mounted on the right side. To be honest I could not find any information about the place of assembly of this car. Such a decision would be logical if the car was assembled in Britain. But American cars got left-hand drive in the mid-10s.

The engine is mounted under the cab and covered by a hood. The engine goes into the passenger compartment. On the side windows there are sliding shutters. In some modifications, the cab has panoramic glazing, where glass is inserted even in the corners on the rear wall of the cab. Such glazing can be useful if the machine is equipped with a platform with low sides.

Engine and specifications of the 1937 Fordson Thames v7.

As we said above, there is a V8 engine under the cab of the Ford truck. The engine has a capacity of 3.6 liters and develops 85 horsepower. That’s a lot of power for those years. Of course the engine is a gasoline engine, a diesel would have developed considerably less horsepower.

In the 48th already under the removal from the assembly line, an optional 4.7 liter engine was offered. The gearbox was a three-speed manual. A four-speed gearbox was available as an option.

Today, this truck looks very stylish. I think it could be used on a farm today. For its time, it was a good performance truck.

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