1953 Mack B-Series

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The bonneted Mack B-Series truck was produced at the same time with the cabover H-Series. From 1953 to ’66, 126,745 of these heavy trucks from Mack were produced. The truck was available in 2- and 3-axle versions and became the successor for the L-Series. The B-Model was the first diesel truck from Mack. These trucks were delivered to Europe. In Germany, there were even assembled cabs for the trucks intended for the local market.

1953 Mack B-Series is a very beautiful, charisma-filled truck. Today no one will use such a truck for long distance transportation, but it is kept and restored by some car enthusiasts.

1953 Mack B-Series Price and Value.

There are not many offers for the sale of the Mack B-Model. A truck in good condition sells for around $35,000. Many machines are sold in a non-working condition and the price of such copies is certainly not great. Such options are suitable for those who want to restore the machine themselves.

1953 Mack B-Series exterior and photos.

I really like the look of this track car. The rounded shapes of the body panels give this car a kind, not aggressive look. On tractors the exhaust pipes were often led upwards, well above the level of the cab roof. Note the round headlights, as well as the shape of the gas tank.

Initially, both gas tanks were rectangular in shape and were designed as a step on which you can stand. Later the fuel tanks became round, but received a notch – a step for a foot. The air filter housing was moved outside the engine compartment and installed in front of the door. Later this solution will become the norm on classic type tractors.

Note that the image of a bulldog is applied on the sides of the hood. There are parking lights on the roof, and the windshield is made of two halves – this simplifies and reduces the cost of replacing a damaged element.

Interior and equipment of the 1953 Mack B-Series.

The front panel does not have any trim. Note that the gauges are inserted into a removable panel and it has the same shape as the glove box lid. This indicates that the dashboard can be repositioned quickly and easily. The side windows have pivoting, triangular shutters.

Engine and technical specifications of 1953 Mack B-Series.

Under the hood of the 1953 Mack B-Series there were 10 gasoline engines ranging from 298 cubic inches (4.8L) to 707 cubic inches (11.6L). Diesel engines were also available, some of which had even larger engine capacities.

The base 4.8L gasoline engine develops 107 horsepower at 2,800 rpm. Torque of 315N.M is achieved at 1,400rpm. The more powerful 331 cubic inch (5.4L) inline six produces 122 horsepower and 358N.M of torque at 1,400 rpm. Even more powerful, the 413 cubic inch (6.8L) inline six produces 214 horsepower at a very high 4,000 rpm. The 540cc (8.8L) gasoline motor produces 185 horsepower and 603N.M of torque.

The 672 cubic inch (11L) diesel inline six provides easy transportation of even heavy loads. The 864 cubic inch (14.2L) eight-cylinder diesel has a very large displacement for its time.

This is a very beautiful and much loved car. It is unlikely that anyone today would work on it every day, but it could be suitable for a small farm. A well restored machine attracts a lot of attention on the road.

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