1953 Mack H-Series

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There is not much information about the Mack H-Series on the Internet. I found only a few short videos on YouTube. The truck is so rare, that I have not seen a single advertisement about its sale. Therefore, if you have information about this wonderful truck, – I ask you to complete the post in the comments.
The Mack H-Series was produced from ’53 to ’66. Because of the short, narrow, but high cab, the truck got the nickname – “truck tower”.

The truck from Mack could be two-axle or three-axle. As you can see, – it is a cabover truck, which was created before the abolition of the length limit on the combination. The H60 series was produced from ’53 to ’54, and was made in quantity of 81 trucks. Mack H61 was produced from 52nd to 57th in the number of 484 trucks. These machines were used as tractors, trucks for construction work, or as a tow truck. It is not characterized by a high level of comfort, or power, perhaps because of this today this machine is so difficult to meet on the roads of America.

Mach H-Series exterior and photos.

The Mach H60 and H61 are most easily recognized by the round headlights mounted on the front fenders. Turn signal indicators were also mounted next to them. On the later series, the headlights were rectangular and integrated into the fenders.

A nameplate with the model index could be seen on the radiator grille. The windshield was double-paned, which made repairs easier and cheaper.

The exhaust pipes could be taken out above the cabin. Later this solution became a classic of American trucks. Pay attention to the shape of glass in the rear wall of the cab, – it is a crescent. This solution may not be the most practical, but today it gives the truck stylishness.

Interior and equipment of Mack H-Series.

According to the photo you can see that the front panel does not have any trim, – it is made of bare metal. This was normal for a truck of that time, as well as the ignition switch installed in the front panel. The low seat backs were hardly comfortable for long trips, but they did not obstruct the rear view if you needed to look through the rear window.

The doors have metal trim, and the window lifters are of course mechanical. The parking brake lever is set to the left of the seat.

Engine and technical characteristics of the Mack H-Series.

A gasoline or diesel engine could be installed under the cabin of the Mack H-Series. The gasoline engine produced 170 horsepower at 2,100 rpm and 355 foot-pounds of thrust already at 1,000 rpm. It was an in-line, six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 464 cubic inches. The 673 cubic inch diesel engine produced 200 horsepower and 420 foot-pounds at 1,200 rpm.
On the rear axle of the Mack you can see the lettering, the company logo.

Of course this Mack was not as comfortable as the company’s modern cars, but production of this car was started back in the middle of the 20th century. It was a different time, when it was not obvious that in the future, the roads of the USA will be mostly traveled by conventional trucks, even if it is construction equipment. This car is reminiscent of the way trucks used to be built.

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