1978 Ford CL 9000

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Cabover 1978 Ford CL 9000 was produced from ’78 to ’91. This truck was a cabover version of the W-series. The truck was available in two-axle and three-axle versions, the latter received the designation CLT.

Despite the fact that 1978 Ford CL 9000 was produced after the removal of the limitation on the length of the tractor, this Cabover was in great demand. The truck was available in short cab, – without sleeper, medium cab, and long cab. Depending on the type of cab, the length of the wheelbase also varied. Machines with a large sleeper compartment were often equipped with a long wheelbase. The Cabover Ford was assembled in Louisville, Kentucky. Among the main competitors for the Cabover Ford was the Kenworth K100.

Price and Value of 1978 Ford CL 9000.

Looking through the classifieds for sale, I saw a 1982 Ford CL 9000 for $15,000. This car is for sale in Iowa, has 427,000 miles and is powered by a Cummins engine. The battery pack on the Ford CL 9000 truck can be purchased for $300.

1978 Ford CL 9000 exterior and photos.

Cabover 1978 Ford CL 9000 was characterized by a very roomy cabin. The windshield consists of two halves. Note that the glass has a slope, which contributes to better aerodynamics.
Windows at the bottom of the doors are not uncommon on American trucks. But in the CL 9000, separate mirrors could be installed in front of these windows, which is a rare but useful and practical solution.
Note the side handle. It is installed in a special recess, in which the handrail is installed. This solution contributes to aerodynamics. It is not so much about reducing fuel consumption, but about reducing aerodynamic noises and the degree of contamination of these handles. The handles are recessed into the side walls of the cab, so they, and consequently the driver’s hands, get dirty less.
Below the first and second step there is a plate with the model index of the truck. The exhaust pipes are mounted behind the rear wall of the cab and are above its level. Wheel rims have a standard diameter for the truck, – 22.5d. The fuel tanks have a round shape and can be covered with chrome.

Interior and equipment of 1978 Ford CL 9000.

Cabover Ford CL 9000 is equipped with air conditioning, which of course increases comfort and reduces driver fatigue. The center console is turned toward the driver, and the steering wheel has metal spokes.
The sleeper cab can be equipped with special curtains with clips that separate the driver’s and sleeper compartments. The long cab has a very wide bed that can rest two people.

Engine and technical characteristics of 1978 Ford CL 9000.

Under the Cabover Ford was powered by Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel engines.
The in-line, six-cylinder Cummins with a displacement of 855 cubic inches has an output of 270 horsepower. More powerful modifications were equipped with engines with an output of over 400 horsepower.
Manual transmissions have 9, 10 and 13 gears. Brakes on all axles are drum, and the suspension is leaf spring.

This is a stylish, comfortable and powerful Cabover Ford. Because of these qualities, some cars are running on U.S. roads even today. Some owners do a thorough restoration and get their truck in great condition.

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