1985 Dodge Ram

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The ’85 Ram is the first generation of the Dodge pickup, produced from ’81 to ’93. This car was introduced in October ’80. Although it did not sell as well as Ford pickups, but it won recognition not only in the U.S., but also in Mexico. As proof of this, you can simply go to YouTube – there you will find more than one review of the first generation Ram in Spanish. Besides this, while reading about Ram, I came across review where owner said that to stop this pickup you should drop nuclear bomb on it. As you see, this truck has gained its club of fans. Some of them want to buy this car even today.

1985 Dodge Ram was produced in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. Rear-wheel drive cars were marked with the symbol – D. All-wheel drive versions had a designation W, or Power. All-wheel drive versions could connect front axle and then driving on slippery roads or on loose dirt or snow. In ’85, the Ram was equipped with a transfer gearbox.
Some of the Ram owners equipped their truck with such additional equipment as – a snowplow bucket, or a camper. Not only Chrysler, but third-party manufacturers have offered a wide range of options for the Ram. It’s a versatile vehicle that continues to serve as an assistant to its owner. It can be used not only as a personal vehicle, but also as a truck or tractor. The base Ram 150 had a tonnage of ½ ton. Payload modifications – 250 and 350, could carry ¾ and 1 ton, respectively.

Sales and price of the 1985 Dodge Ram.

Today you can buy a first generation Dodge Ram even for $500. It will be a car not in the best condition, but on the run. Examples with not much mileage, or cars that have been through a restoration, can cost more than $20,000. A car in good but not perfect condition costs about $6,000 to $15,000. The new pickup from Dodge had a five-year warranty, or 50,000 miles.
Demand for similar Ram, classic pickups isn’t just holding up, it’s gradually increasing. Since there aren’t many cars in good condition, but they are the ones that draw attention on the road.

Appearance and photos.

In ’85 there was a restyling. This year it can be distinguished by a new grille in the shape of a cross. Later, the radiator grille in this style became a trademark of Dodge cars. Until ’85, the Ram grille consisted of 18 rectangles, six in each row. On the hood ornament was an inscription Dodge, and on the hood could be installed statue in the form of a horned ram. The ram motif was new at that time.
The front fenders had Ram lettering on them. The fenders of all-wheel-drive pickups were designated as Power Ram. The rear cargo cover could be decorated with the Dodge Ram lettering. In the back of the cargo area, the plastic trim also bore a large Dodge lettering.

The 1985 Dodge Ram was available in a one-row or two-row cab. The latter was called the Club Cab. With a length of the body of 5327 mm, the wheelbase is 3327 mm. Curb weight of the Dodge pickup with a V8 5.2L – 2014kg. Depending on the modification, the length of the body was 2461 mm, or 2m if it was equipped with a club cab. The loading height is 675 mm. The cargo area could be closed with a special lid to protect from rain and snow.

In examining the photos, one can notice that the gas tank hatch is on the left side of the side. The towbar was part of the strong, rear bumper, which is a rather unusual solution. The spare tire was mounted under the bottom.
The base Ram was equipped with 195/75 R15 tires with a width of 5.5d. The optional tires were 235/75 R15. The latter were used on a 6.5d wide rims. Aluminum rims were available as an option.

For comfortable boarding, the truck could be equipped with running boards. The radio antenna was mounted in the right front fender and was electrically operated.

Interior and equipment.

The basic equipment of the first generation Dodge Ram is a utilitarian truck. This car does not even have power windows, the presence of which has become the norm for an American car long ago.

In the expensive set – Royal SE, Ram is equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and cassette recorder, of course, with a radio. There is an emblem on the glove compartment lid of these cars – Royal SE.
Ram had a one-piece front seat in the form of a traditional sofa. The steering wheel is adjustable only in angle, and on the steering wheel cushion one can see the Chrysler emblem. The concern’s symbols are also on the ignition key. The side windows have special vents, which can be rotated, thus directing the air towards itself. The rear window can be moved to the side for better ventilation.

There are no mirrors in the sun visors of this car – this emphasizes the utilitarian nature of the Dodge pickup. But already in basic equipment, the pickup is equipped with hydraulic power steering and three-point seat belts. In general, according to the first owner’s wishes, this truck could be very well equipped.
The automatic transmission lever, traditionally for classic American trucks, was installed on the steering column. The manual lever was sticking out of the transmission tunnel and had a curved shape. The parking brake was foot operated, which was also the norm for American cars of that time.
The main difference with the club cab was the presence of a second row of seats. There was not much room, but the main thing was the presence of additional seats.

Engine and Specifications 1985 Dodge Ram.

The base engine was an inline six-cylinder, 225 cubic inch, 3.7 liter engine. It was the most popular power unit of the first generation Ram. The engine had an 8.4:1 compression ratio. With a stroke of 4.13d (104.75mm), the cylinder diameter is 3.4d (86.36mm). Maximum power of 95hp is achieved at 3,600 rpm and 230Nm of torque is available at 1,600 rpm. This motor is mated to a four-speed, manual transmission. On the inline motor, the alternator and air conditioner compressor were mounted higher than on the V6 and V8 motors (at the level of the air filter housing) for easier service and maintenance.
In ’88 the inline configuration was replaced with the V6 Magnum 240 cubic inch. The V6 had a power of 125 horsepower and torque of 264Nm. This V6 was equipped with electronic injection.

A more powerful 318 cubic inch V8 (5.2 L) had 145 horsepower and 339NM of torque. With a three speed automatic transmission, the Dodge pickup could go from 0 to 100 miles in 16.2 seconds and 1.4 miles in 20.3 seconds. In ’88, this engine received an electronic injection system.

The most powerful V8 had cubic capacity of 5.9 liters. This motor was offered for the Ram 250 and 350. With a compression ratio of 8.6:1, the maximum power output was 173 hp at 4,000 rpm, and torque of 366Nm was reached at 3,200 rpm. The recommended oil for this engine is 10W30 with only 4.7L (not much for an engine of this capacity). Not only the engine block, but also the engine heads were cast iron. In ’89 this engine also received the electronic injection system. In the same year, a new automatic transmission was introduced for the 3.9 and 5.2 engines, with ABS being standard on all Ram models.
Under the hood, one can see special braces, which increased the rigidity of the body. The hood itself is not held open by gas struts, but by springs.
Front brake discs have a diameter of 326 mm. The rear brakes are drum. The rear suspension is on leaf springs.

The first generation Ram did not sell as well as Ford’s pickups like F150, or F250. But this car gained a significant number of fans and gave life to the next generations of Dodge pickups.

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