1994 Chrysler LHS

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Chrysler’s LHS was the successor to the Imperial. This Chrysler became the flagship of the company. In terms of body length, the American car was noticeably superior to the Mercedes S-class W140. In a promotional video of that time it was said that the Chrysler flagship surpassed the Lexus LS400 in terms of interior space. I think the mention of Lexus is not accidental, because the cars of this brand gained a foothold in the American market in the 90’s.

1994 Chrysler LHS was produced from ’93 to ’98. Now we are talking about the car of the first generation. The sedan was produced on the LH platform, which was used for Dodge Interpid and such Chrysler models as: – Concorde and 300M. It is noteworthy that the latter, despite the shorter body length, slightly exceeded the LHS in width.
Despite the fact that it was the company’s most expensive car, 85,000 of these sedans were sold in ’94 alone. This level of

1994 Chrysler LHS sale and price.

The cost of a new Chrysler LHS was about $30,000. Today, the cost of a well-maintained copy is about $6,000. Cars requiring repairs are often sold for less than $2,000.
It may surprise you, but Chrysler LHS though not often, but can be found on the roads of Ukraine. Yes, – we also have fans of big, American cars. Even despite the cramped parking lots and the established myth about the lack of spare parts and service. Drivers like amazing comfort and roominess of the interior of this Chrysler.
Certainly LHS is less rational variant, than Lexus, or Mercedes, but who of fans of the American automobile industry needs Lexus? LHS gives exactly what it is bought for. Unlike many full-size American sedans of previous years, the LHS has a front-wheel drive and this distinguished it from Mercedes or Lexus sedans.

Appearance and photos.

In an exterior view of the LHS, the fog lights are not noticeable at all. The thing is that the fog lights are installed in the block of the main headlight. So the inner section of the headlight, which is closer to the radiator grille, is allocated just for fog lights. The outer part of the headlamp block accommodates the low-beam and high beam bulbs. This is a very rare solution, which can be found only on a real American car. According to some owners, the light in this car is not too good. Sometimes polishing the headlights helps, but even after that, the LHS lights don’t work as well as they do on modern cars.

On the radiator grille you can see the old Chrysler emblem in the form of a five-pointed star.
Despite the fact that the LHS is slightly narrower than the 300M, the American car is 10mm wider than the AUDI A8 of the time. With a body crest of 5268mm, the wheelbase is 2870mm ( 113d). From the factory, the sedan was equipped with 225/60 R16 tires. It is worth noting that next to the 300M, the LHS is longer mainly due to longer overhangs at the front and rear.

The rear roof pillars and the curve of the rear window are reminiscent of a Lincoln Town Car. But some say that the LHS design creators were inspired by vintage Bugatti. If you look at the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, some similarities can be seen.
Already in the basic equipment included alloy wheels. So the manufacturers of luxury sedans from Germany equipped their cars with ordinary, metal disks produced by stamping.
The LHS stands out with an incredibly long trunk line. It seems that the trunk is longer than the hood of many other cars.
The exterior is definitely a strong point of the LHS. This Chrysler is an example of a chic, American car from the 90s.
That this is an LHS and not a New Yorker is suggested by the lettering on the rear fenders. Under the rear window you can notice an additional brake light indicator.

Interior and equipment.

Expensive, music system infinity was equipped with an amplifier. Front seats, which unlike the New Yorker, in LHS are separate, are adjusted by servo drives in 8 directions.

The steering wheel is adjustable only by the angle of inclination, which is normal for an American car. Also, the on-board computer unit is installed above the rearview mirror – on the ceiling trim. This solution is not usual for European or Japanese cars, but it is completely normal and usual for American cars. The interior mirror has an auto-dimming function, which protects the driver from being dazzled by the headlights of a car moving behind.

1994 Chrysler LHS is equipped with single-zone climate control and cruise control. Control buttons of the latter are placed on a two-spoke steering wheel. As on many other American cars, the emergency alarm button is installed in front of the dashboard, on the steering column.
The parking brake, as it should be on a large, American sedan, is activated by a foot pedal.
If you lower the sun visors, you can see the backlight. The latter is found on many cars, but in this Chrysler it is adjustable.

The LHS has very wide doorways. It is felt from front and back and it – the same contributes to easy landing on the seats.
Unlike the New Yorker in which the gear lever is mounted on the steering column, in the LHS the automatic transmission lever comes out of the transmission tunnel in the floor. Of course, everyone who drove this car notes excellent comfort and smoothness of motion. In addition to the fact that the LHS has a very soft suspension, there are also amazingly soft sofas. Such sofas are not found in German or Japanese sedans. Only an American sedan can provide such a high level of comfort. And it’s not just the amount of interior space.

Engine and technical characteristics of 1994 Chrysler LHS.

This sedan from Chrysler has a front-wheel drive, but the engine is not installed transversely, but longitudinally. The 3.5L gasoline V6 develops a maximum output of 214 horsepower and 300N.M of torque at 2,800 rpm. The cylinder diameter of this engine is 96mm and the piston stroke is 81mm.
The Chrysler engine is equipped with 4 valves per cylinder and has a belt drive timing mechanism. If the timing belt breaks, the valves in the engine of this Chrysler do not bend. But because of the narrow oil channels, it is desirable to change oil more often in the engine of this car. Otherwise, oil channels are clogged, scoring on crankshaft liners is formed, and in some cases, the liner may rotate.

1994 Chrysler LHS is equipped with a four-speed, automatic transmission. Both axles have disc brakes, with ventilated discs in the front. Front suspension here is McPherson, rear – independent.
From the point of view of technology, despite not the fastest automatic, it is quite a technological car. It is worth to remember, that even on BMW the 5-speed automatic machine began to appear only in the beginning of 90th, and in fact Bavarian cars always, and especially in those years, were created for the driver.
It is also worth noting that in the intake manifold of the Chrysler LHS engine there is a special mechanism that changes the volume of the intake manifold through which the air passes into the engine. This part allowed to optimize traction at low and high speeds.

It’s a very comfortable and stylish car. Hardly any modern car can offer the same level of comfort as the ’94 LHS. Yes, it doesn’t handle as well, but it has a very stylish body and a very good ride plan.

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