2000 Peterbilt 379

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It’s one of America’s iconic trucks. You may have seen it in the movie “Black Dog” with Patrick Swayze and in the first three Transformers movies. Optimus Prime was transformed into just such a Peterbilt 379. Of course, most of the Peterbilt trucks were sold in the domestic market of the USA. The truck was produced in different types of wheelbases: 6*4, 4*2, 8*4. The 379 was produced from 87 to 2007.
Probably you know that Peterbilt 379 was assembled on Kenworth W900L chassis. Unlike Kenworth, Peterbilt received a narrower track of front wheels, which had a positive effect on maneuverability.

Price and sale Peterbilt 379 Day Cab.

In some cases, Day Cab vehicles cost less, but this is not always the case. A well restored Peterbilt can sell for $100,000 no matter the type of cab or year. If you go to Track Paper’s website, you can see a Day Cab dump truck for sale in Kentucky with 640,000 miles for $55,000.
A Peterbilt tractor-trailer for sale in Tennessee has a $100,000 price tag despite being a ’94.

Appearance and photos.

Despite the classic shapes, the Peterbilt cab is made of aluminum, and its components are connected by rivets. There are a lot of chrome elements in the design of the cabin. Very high, flattering bumper. Pipes of exhaust system are not just led upwards, but also fixed not behind, but on the sides of the cab. Pipes can be straight, or curved – it is decided by the buyer of the truck. The chrome-plated fuel tanks are open and have a capacity from 900 to 1000 liters. The huge radiator grille is larger than the windows in some residences. External air filter housings do not contribute to aerodynamics, but look very stylish.

As on many other classic tractors from the USA, there is a window in the right door of Peterbilt, through which you can see the passenger car. In Peterbilt this window has an oval shape and this distinguishes them from Freigtliner trucks (where the window is more square).
Peterbilt 379 is equipped with tires with size 315/80 R22,5. Wheel rims have a width of 12 inches.
As on other classic tractors, the Peterbilt cab is significantly narrower than the sleeper compartment itself. In an exterior view, you may notice drawers under the overhead steps. This is a practical, but not unique, solution.

Some 2000 Peterbilt 379 owners install round headlights on their truck. And some owners install special visors over the headlights. Visor on the 379 can be seen above the windshield. But it is designed to protect not from rain, but from the sun, which could blind the driver. Pneumatic signal klaxons can be installed on the roof of the cab.
The cab of the 379 is decorated with a lot of parking lights.

Interior and equipment.

This is a real American Classic. The steering wheel, as in other cars of this type, can be adjusted in the angle of inclination. There is a very long manual transmission lever. Some owners install even longer lever to get easier gear engagement.

Peterbilt emblems can be seen on the door trim, on the seats in the headrest area, on the floor mats, and even in the instrument dials. As mentioned above, the cabin and driver’s seat are not distinguished by impressive spaciousness. It is not a rest area, but a working place for the driver. But behind the backs of the front seats, a one-room apartment can be located. So the compartment for rest can have a length of 914, 1219 and 1600mm.

Of course, the Peterbilt cab is equipped with an autonomous heater. The sleeper compartment has not only a separate, not large door, but also not large hatches for ventilation. The sleeping compartment is often equipped with a TV, refrigerator, microwave and even a gas stove.
The width of the lower sleeping compartment is huge, two people could easily sleep on such a bed.

Specifications and engine Peterbilt 379.

As on many other American trucks, under the hood of the Peterbilt are installed Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines.
So the Caterpillar C10 engine with a volume of 10 liters gives a power of 365 horsepower. Such a motor is docked with a manual transmission. More powerful Caterpillar C12 has not in-line, but V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and at the volume of 12 liters produces 430 horsepower at 1,100 rpm. The maximum torque is 2000N.M. Engine Caterpillar C15 with a volume of 15 liters, develops power of 565 horsepower. Such a motor has a torque of 2500 Newton, meets environmental standards Euro 2 and docks with a 13-speed manual transmission.
Cummins ISX engine produces a very decent power of 475 horsepower.

Yes, in Europe there are tractors from Volvo and Scania, the power of which exceeds 700 horsepower. But it should be understood that for American tractors there are a lot of tuning parts, thanks to which the power can be easily brought to more than 1000 horsepower. The torque will be huge.
The 2000 Peterbilt 379 was equipped with manual Fuller Meritor and automatic Allison transmissions. The rear suspension is equipped with air tanks, and the brakes on all wheels are drum.

This is a very reliable, powerful, maintainable and beautiful machine. It is an excellent choice for a private carrier who not only owns the car, but personally drives it himself. Such a car could become a flagship of the company and a business card of the carrier. Of course it does not have the same good aerodynamics as newer tractors, but in terms of style there is nothing better than a bonneted classic from America. A customer may order such a car simply because of its cool appearance and conscientious attitude to the work of its driver.
Let such a car will have a slightly higher fuel consumption, but due to its high reliability it does not require frequent financial investments for repairs and maintenance. With a large sleeping compartment on such a tractor you can easily drive the whole country from south to north and from west to east.
Some truckers choose the Peterbilt 379 for all these qualities. This beautiful and powerful truck is timeless.

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