2015 Peterbilt 579

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Production of Peterbilt 579 began in 2010. The new truck was developed for 5 years and replaced the 587 model. This is the flagship, aerodynamic model of the company, which is comparable in prestige with the 389. It is a matter of taste; – some people like aerodynamic forms, and some like classics.

The tractor was produced with the wheel arrangement 6*4 and is a twin of Kenworth T680. During the production, Peterbilt 579 was modified in terms of technical part and cabin. Thus, on the first years trucks the sleeper compartment can be detached from the cab and removed. On later modifications, the cab and sleeper compartment are one piece. This solution allowed to expand the cab and increase comfort.

Price and sale of Peterbilt 579.

The cost of any truck, is determined not so much by the year of manufacture and mileage, but by the technical condition of the main units. So one 2019 Peterbilt 579 with 120,000 miles was sold for $140,000. In this case, the vehicle was sold only because of the severely deteriorating health of its owner, who could no longer drive.

In Washington, a truck with 465,000 miles sold for $60,000. There, a tractor with 755,000 miles on it sold for $50,000. In California, there is an offer on a Peterbilt with 494,000 miles on it for sale for $53,000.
The price of a Peterbilt 579 is completely determined by the condition of the particular piece.

Appearance and photos.

Despite the significant amount of plastic in the body cladding, the massive, radiator grille here is made of metal. The round fuel tanks (the left one holds 150 gallons, the right one 100) are of course covered with plastic fairings.

Note the steps under the doors. Under them, as in previous models, there are boxes for batteries. But access to these boxes has changed. With the help of special latches, the plastic panel with the steps is hinged. In the same way you can get access to the fuel tanks. On some cars, tool boxes were installed behind the tanks. Right under the door, above the upper step, you can see a socket for connecting the engine heating equipment. Such equipment can be useful in winter, when the engine oil thickens a lot.

Unlike previous models, this Peterbilt no longer has a window in the lower part of the right door. As before, the hood is fixed with plastic latches, outside the cab. This is a traditional solution, but at the same time, anyone can open the hood, and it is not necessary to have the keys to the machine.
There is an additional door in the sleeper compartment.

From the factory, the exhaust pipes on the Peterbilt come out under the underbody. It may seem strange, but some owners put the exhaust pipes on the sides of the cab in the classic manner. This solution has a negative effect on aerodynamics, but together with the chrome bumper and chrome mirror housings, it gives the truck charisma.

The Epiq Aero package adds special rubber bands in the wheel arches, under the underbody and at the rear of the cab. These rubbers reduce gaps and have a positive effect on aerodynamics.
The later versions are most easily recognized by the modified, narrower headlights.

Interior and equipment.

A peculiarity of the Peterbilt truck is that it is not possible to lower the deadbolts of the door locks when the door is open. It seems to be a trifle, but it does not allow accidentally slamming and closing the door with a lowered deadbolt.

Leather-wrapped, heated and ventilated seats are not uncommon in the Peterbilt 579 cab. The seats can be lowered after the engine is shut off to make it easier to get out from behind the wheel.

After the update, an electronic instrument panel became available for Peterbilt, where a 15-inch monitor is installed along with the analog gauges. When the inches are launched, the company emblem appears on such monitor.

The analog gauges are placed in chrome trim, which gives the car an expensive look.
In front of the front passenger, a slide-out table is provided just above the glove box. In the front panel there are retractable cup holders. Above the windshield, under the ceiling, there are boxes, some of which can be equipped with a radio. Above the doors are provided diode, lighting plafonds. They are good in that they don’t get hot even when operating for long periods of time.

The door trim, buttons and seats in the Peterbilt are exactly the same as on the Kenworth.
The sleeper compartment has controls for air conditioning, music system and door open/close. The latter is not found in every tractor and is a simple but convenient option. This unit can be equipped with a battery charge indicator, which is also very convenient, because it allows you to control the degree of battery charge without getting out of bed.

The Peterbilt 579 Ultra Loft Edition is characterized by a long, sleeping compartment with a large, separate door and with a wide overhead bed. The latter can be equipped with a folding, aluminum ladder, making it easier to get on top.

Engine and Specifications 2015 Peterbilt 579.

The power output of the inline, six-cylinder Paccar engine ranges from 380ti to 500 horsepower. The Cummins X15 engine develops 450 horsepower. This engine is mated to a 12-speed, manual transmission.

This Peterbilt has disc brakes on all wheels, which distinguishes it from previous models.
After modernization, the expansion tank of the cooling system was moved from the radiator to the rear of the engine. This solution allowed to increase the slope of the hood and make the truck more streamlined. The washer fluid was moved to the right side of the engine.

This is a technological and comfortable truck. Such a machine should make the work easier for the driver, or its owner. The cabin is almost as wide as the sleeping compartment. And in the Ultra Loft Edition, Peterbilt offers a very high level of comfort.

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