2018 Autocar ACTT

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I learned about Autocar trucks not long ago, it happened thanks to Jay Leno’s program. Probably such a late acquaintance can be explained by the fact that I live not in the U.S., but in Ukraine, where it is not realistic to meet such a car. Now I am writing only the third article about the truck of this brand, but these American cars really interested me.

It seemed to me that the history of these machines is not related to long-distance transportation as in the case of Kenworht, Peterbilt, Freightliner, or International. This company specializes in the production of special equipment, vehicles for city services, or for use on construction sites. In this, Autocar is somewhat similar to Mack, or Western Star, although even the latter, in the role of flagship produces large, long-haul tractors.

Now we’re talking about the 2018 Autocar ACTT, a machine with a very specific purpose. Yes – it’s a tractor-trailer, but it’s not designed to cross the U.S. from south to north, or west to east. It’s meant to transport containers in some huge port, or move semi-trailers around a terminal.
Personally, the Autocar ACTT surprised me as much as the Tesla tractor trailer. Look at the cab of this car. It has only one seat and of course there is no sleeper. Something about the cabin of this car reminds me of trucks working in quarries.

2018 Autocar ACTT is available in two wheelbases: – 4*2 and 6*4. The trucks are produced in Hatherstown, Indiana. In the assembly of these vehicles a significant share of manual assembly, which is valued among buyers of supercars such as Ferrari, or McLaren. Autocar ACTT is of course a very different machine, but it is very different from other trucks. The cab has an interior height of 6 feet and 4 inches. This machine is equipped with a coupling device, which can change its height considerably. This unit has a special slot through which the hitch can be locked. This can be useful in case of repairs and the need to be under the machine.

2018 Autocar ACTT Price and Value.

If you want to buy a new Autocar ACTT truck, I think you’d better write to the manufacturer’s website – autocartruck.com. But as it seemed to me, the cost of a new tractor is about $140,000.
Looking through the Autocar ACTT for sale listings on autotruck.com I found these options. A ’20 tractor with 63,330 miles sold in Nevada for $59,500. A 2019 Autocar ACTT with 77,928 miles is on sale in North Carolina for $62,500. In the second case, the car is equipped with two axles in the rear, which is probably partly why it costs more despite its higher age and mileage.

2018 Autocar ACTT exterior and photos.

The exterior of this track is quite unusual. In addition to the single-seat cab, when you look at the exterior, you can pay attention to the curved, windshield. This shape of the glass provides a better view upwards. Perhaps it will be useful when loading at the seaport, where cranes can work from above. There is only one windshield wiper on the windshield, and the washer is built into it as well.
The 2018 Autocar ACTT can be entered through a traditional door on the left side, or through a sliding door at the rear. The latter has the dimensions of a door installed in an apartment or house. This provides even easier access to the driver’s seat.

The cab of this tractor is made entirely of metal, at the back it stands on two pneumatic cushions. The metal cab contributes to increased safety and maintainability compared to a fiberglass cab. Special handrails are provided for easier access behind the cab.

Also note the massive, steel bumper at the front. The exhaust pipe is raised and protected by a special cover.

The rearview mirrors are equipped with electric drive. The rear fenders are made of rubber. The fuel tank can be round, the volume of 50 gallons, or rectangular, formed under the step. Above the fuel tank there is a metal platform on which you can stand and on which your shoes will not slip.
In the area of the rear wheels you can see a remote control and a lever for lifting the cab. The lifting is done by means of a pneumatic system.
Above the front, left wheel is stamped Vin – number.

Interior and equipment 2018 Autocar ACTT.

The main feature of the cabin of this tractor is a single-seat layout and the possibility of boarding / disembarking through a high, rear door. In the rear door a sticker with serial numbers and Vin – number is glued. On the right side, the window has a sliding vent. For better visibility, the backrest of the driver’s seat is low, and the seat itself has air suspension.

There is only one, but wide sun visor. On top, a fan and stereo can be mounted above the glass. The steering is equipped with hydraulic power steering. The fuse box is installed under the front panel.

Engine and technical specifications 2018 Autocar ACTT.

This tractor is equipped with a Cummins B6.7 engine with a volume of 6.7 liters and 185 horsepower. Transmission can be manual or automatic – Allison, axles – Meritor.

These are machines for heavy, specific work. Because of the attachment to the terrain, such a tractor does not need a sleeping compartment. But it needs good visibility, maneuverability, reliability and comfort at work. All of these qualities are provided by the Autocar tractor.

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