2018 Ford GT

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The second-generation GT, like the 2005 model, was the brand’s fastest, road-going car. It’s a car in the league of Ferrari and McLaren, but it’s Ford! Assembly of the new, American supercar began in late 2016, but the model often refers to 2017. The new GT no longer has a V8, with a turbocharged V6 taking its place. And it is the most powerful, production EcoBoost engine.

We’ll talk about the technical part below, but I’ll tell you right away that this is a redesigned engine from the F-150 pickup. Those who were lucky enough to sit behind the wheel of the GT 2017 note not only the amazing traction and instant acceleration, but also a great sound. If the first generation was created in honor of the 100th anniversary of Ford, the release of the novelty was timed to the 50th anniversary of the victory over Ferrari at LeMans.

Many may be surprised, but the new Ford GT is not only assembled in Canada (Markham), but also developed by the Canadian company Multimatic. Not many people have heard of this organization, but it develops exclusives. For example, Multimatic created the Vulkan for Aston Martin. Work on the GT 2017 was conducted in a very strict framework. The fact is that the car was created as a race car at LeMans. And while the road car was not yet spec’d, the race car was already battling Ferrari on the track.

Price and cost of the 2018 Ford GT.

The cost of the base modification starts at $450,000. That’s three times more than what was asked in 2005 for the then-new first-generation GT. Options and extras can easily push the price up to $600,000. The Carbon Series package alone adds $70,000 to the price.

The second-generation GT series is significantly smaller than the first; only 1,000 cars. Whereas the first GT was produced in more than 4,000 cars. And even with such, not the smallest series, today the first GT has increased in price very significantly in the aftermarket. Some cars sell for as much as 600,000. Given the small production run, and Ford simply turning down some people willing to buy their new car, and the unique driving experience this car provides, surely a second GT off hand will cost even more.

Appearance and Photos.

I think everyone has heard the story that the racing GT40 got its, digital index because of the 100 centimeter body height. The body of the 2005 model was 4 inches higher. The new car, in track mode, has a height of 105 cm. Ground clearance is only 70 mm. In road mode the car is 5 cm lower, at the same time its body height becomes the same as in the previous model.

I want to draw your attention to the headlights of the new GT. If in the headlights of the first generation it was possible to see a figure 100, the block of headlights of the new GT is decorated with GT symbol. Unlike the first generation car, the gas tank hatch is not located on the front roof, but on the rear roof pillar. At first glance, this is a much more traditional location, but the gas tank hatch is only 40 cm from the ground. In addition, the hatch is located above the air intake from which air is supplied to the engine intake system. If you’re not careful when pulling the filler gun out, you could splash gasoline right into the air intake.

The 2018 Ford GT is based on a carbon-fiber monocoque. But here it is not solid, as it is done on Italian exotics, but consists of 45 components. Such a solution makes it easier and cheaper to repair the car in case of damage. In addition, the monocoque created this way is easier and cheaper to produce. Aluminum subframes are bolted to the front and rear of the monocoque.

The Ford GT in the Carbon Series is most easily identified by the central, carbon fiber strip along the roof, front trunk lid and engine compartment lid. Essentially, it’s just an unpainted section of the bodywork. The package includes carbon fiber, wheel rims. Such a disc is 1 kg lighter than an aluminum forged one. Carbon fiber rims are tightened with titanium bolts. By the way, this is the second, after the Mustang GT350R, Ford received such wheels as an option. The first GT had forged wheels. This package includes uncovered, front body pillars, carbon fiber diffuser front and rear.

Curb weight is 1483kg. I want to draw your attention to the holes in the central part of the taillights. And these are fully functional holes through which the hot air from the engine compartment is exhausted.
The 2018 Ford GT is shod in tires sized; – 245/35 R20 in the front and 325/30 R20 in the rear. Of course here are ceramic, brake discs, which are clamped by 6-piston calipers – front and 4-piston – rear.
Also in the photo you can see the red lock indicator (on the glass, behind the door) which informs about the opening / closing the doors.

Interior and equipment.

Many remember the unusual doors of the first GT. In the first generation car, the door was part of the roof. With the new GT, the door doesn’t act as a roof, but opens in a wing-and-butterfly pattern.
The first thing that catches the eye in the GT’s cabin is the steering wheel. There are 18 buttons and switches, and even the windshield wipers are placed on the steering wheel. Such solutions are typical for racing cars. Only the backrest is adjustable, but the steering wheel is adjustable in two directions and the new GT has a longitudinal adjustment of the pedal assembly.

In order to bring the pedals closer, it is necessary to pull a special loop on the transmission tunnel. According to the recollections of lucky people who have been behind a wheel of GT, to the standards of supercars it is quite good visibility. But at the same time it is very cramped in shoulders, even to the standards of supercars. This is due to the special shape of the body. The display acts as a dashboard, which changes its graphics depending on the chosen mode.

By the way, the car equipped with the Carbon Series package does not have any pockets or glove compartments. Such a solution is designed to maximize weight. The back side of the key fob has GT symbols. Apparently this should serve as a reminder – how unique the car is lucky to own.
There is a red engine start button on the transmission tunnel. The GT can be optionally equipped with racing seat belts. I think it will hardly surprise anybody, even in spite of enormous cost, but the button of door opening here is from Lincoln Continental. And by the way – the only ventilating openings of this car are in doors. There is a special loop to open the door from inside in case the battery will run out. In the right side of the front panel is a serial number of the machine. This also emphasizes the exclusivity of the American car.

Perhaps this GT has the smallest trunk of all, road supercars I have only heard of. I do not know its volume in liters, but from the factory there is a set of sealant in it (in case of a punctured wheel). The luggage compartment in this car is only in the back, at the front under the cover are the tanks of the brake system, window washer and booster. Another interesting thing is that at the bottom of the rear bumper there is a keyhole, with the help of which you can open the engine compartment cover.

Engine and specs of the 2018 Ford GT.

Behind the seat backs is a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 Ford EcoBoost. Yes – it is a V6, not a V8 and the volume is noticeably less than in the car of the first generation (5.4L), but the traction and power here is more!
As mentioned above, the basis for the engine was the motor Ford F150. But a car as fast as the GT could not go into production without a dry-sump lubrication system. Just visually you can see the inscription on the motor; – Powered By Ford. The identical inscription was on the engine of the first generation car. The EcoBoost designation is on a very prominent, center spot. On the oil filler cap you can see the inscription GT.

Maximum power of 647hp is reached at 6,250 rpm. The maximum torque of 747Nm is available at 5,900 rpm and 90% of the pull is already available at 3,500. It takes 2.9 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour! And this is a rear-wheel drive car! Ford’s supercar goes a quarter of a mile in just 10.6 seconds, and its top speed is 348 km per hour.
Remarkably, the seven-speed Getrag robotised gearbox here is the same as in the Ferrari 458 and 488, as well as the Mercedes GT.
The fuel tank holds 57 liters and according to people testing the GT on the track, – in track mode the car consumes 47 – 59 liters of fuel per 100 km.

It’s a terrific car. Maybe it doesn’t have as much power as some Koenigsegg, or SSC. But you have to understand that a car’s speed is not determined by power, but by the overall efficiency of the car. And that’s where the GT is incredibly good – it’s designed to go as fast as possible on the track, and it’s better at that than most much more powerful and expensive supercars.

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