2023 Kenworth T680

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The Kenworth T680 has been in development for 5 years. The first generation of this machine was shown in 2012, together with a single-platform Peterbilt 579. This machine from Kenworth competed with such trucks as Freightliner Cascadia, Western Star 5700XE and International LoneStar. Despite all the advantages of the T680, the competition in this niche is quite big, so in 2022 Kenworth presented a new T680.

2022 Kenworth T680 of new generation received even better aerodynamics. The basic, technical solutions remained the same. But now let’s look at the new tractor from Kenworth and try to pay attention to the differences of the new model from the old one.

Price and sale of 2023 Kenworth T680.

Due to the age and mileage of the previous model trak is of course much cheaper than a new machine. Looking through the Kenworth T680 for sale ads on Truck Paper I saw these prices.
In Texas, a 2016 model with 453,939 miles and a 450 horsepower Cummins engine sold for $35,000.
In Georgia, a 539,378-mile Kenworth T680 with a 455-horsepower Paccar engine sells for $40,000.
A 2023 Kenworth T680 of the new generation is much more expensive today. In Arkansas, a 500-horsepower T680 sells for $199,437. In Oklahoma, a 510-horsepower Kenworth sells for $194,995. In Missouri, a 24th model year machine with a 450 horsepower engine sells for $191,637.
Of course a Kenworth T680 of the previous configuration can cost much more if the car is equipped with expensive options and kept in good condition.

Appearance and photos.

The easiest way to distinguish the new car from the old one is by the headlights. The Kenworth T680 of the previous generation has halogen headlights. There is a certain plus in this, because such headlights emit heat and even in case of slight leakage, the headlight will not mist up. The new car has Led – lights, which better illuminate the road and consume less energy.

Radiator grille of both machines is made of aluminum. Kenworth T680 of the next generation can be recognized by a narrower radiator grille and narrower hood. In addition, the hood has a greater angle of inclination, for better aerodynamics and better fuel efficiency. The front fenders are lower and wider. Note the turn signal indicator on the front fender – it is now long and vertically positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees. The cab itself on both tractors is made of aluminum.

The way of access to the batteries has changed. If on the Kenworth T680 of the previous generation, to get to the battery it was necessary to unscrew 3 bolts and remove the panel in the area of steps. On the new machine for access to the batteries there is a special hatch.
On both cars, the front bumper consists of two parts. And this is a plus when it comes to repair, because you can change only one of the two parts. Under the driver’s door, both cars have a connector for the engine.

On the sides of the windshield there are special, air-directing panels, which were supposed to divert the air flow, and therefore dirt, from the side mirrors. By the way, the latter are installed not on the door, but on the frame around the door. Perhaps the manufacturer thought that such a solution will be more successful in the distant future. Additional mirrors can be installed on the hood, to which wires of heating system approach. Also, when the hood is raised, you can see hatches in the front fenders, opening which you can easily change the bulbs of lighting devices.

On the 2023 Kenworth T680, the gas tank plug is installed in the middle of the cab, not at the end, – as it happens on most trucks. Under the front bumper and under the side fairings of both trucks, rubber “skirts” can be installed. On the new truck this element is made of more durable material and therefore should break less. Both trucks are equipped with additional exits from the sleeper compartment. Some inconvenience lies in the fact that opening of additional boxes is done with a key. Whereas on other tractors the boxes in the cab are opened automatically when the driver’s door is opened.
Behind the rear wall of the cab, already on the previous model, there are two valves. They are designed to release excess air from the cabin when the door is closed abruptly.

Interior and equipment.

The doors of the previous generation truck are capable of supporting a weight of 113 kg (250 pound). It seems that the manufacturer intended the door to be used by the driver as a handle to access the cab. When fully opened, the door does not touch the mirror. And the mirrors themselves can be folded – it can be useful at the parking lot.

Kenworth T680 of the 12th year is characterized by 40% less noise level in comparison with the previous model, – T700. Instruments of T680 have chrome trim. It is worth noting the massive, paddle shifters. The right one is responsible for changing gears on the automatic transmission, and the left one for turn signals and windshield washer. Thanks to the bend in the sill line of the side doors, visibility through the side mirrors is improved.

The steering wheel is adjustable in both directions. Cruise control buttons are present on the steering wheel. As an option, there is a curtain that covers the windshield and side windows. Special magnets are used to fix the curtains. The front panel has recesses that can be used as shelves.

2023 Kenworth T680 is equipped with an electronic dashboard. The same panel is installed on the new Peterbilt trucks. When the engine is started, the company logo is displayed on the panel. All the gauges, which on the previous model were installed on the center console, now with the help of a wheel on the steering wheel, are displayed on the dashboard. Under the armrests you can see rotating regulators that change the height of the headrests. There are not 2, but 3 sun visors above the windshield. The middle one is the smallest, but it also fulfills an important mission. Small speakers can be installed in the front pillars.

Sleeping compartment has not changed. A two-position table is provided behind the passenger seat. The microwave can be attached with a special strap. Of course there is a refrigerator, control unit for the climate control system, music and unlocking / closing the doors.

Engine and specs for the 2023 Kenworth T680.

Paccar MX11 engines are available for the new Kenworth T680, ranging from 360 to 450 horsepower. Paccar MX13 engines have a displacement of 12.9 liters and produce 380 to 515 horsepower. These engines are painted in black color.

Cummins engines are painted in red color. Cummins ISX12 with a volume of 12 liters give out power from 370 to 450 horsepower. Cummins X15 14.9 liters develop power from 450 to 600 horsepower.
In order to close the hood, it is necessary to press a special lock on the hood shock absorber. On the 23rd year car, the antifreeze expansion tank is moved from the radiator to the rear of the engine. This made the hood slope line steeper and more streamlined. At the rear, the two-axle T680s are equipped with eight cushions. The new machine received disc brakes on all wheels.

The new truck from Kenworth received a number of new solutions. Access to the batteries became easier, and the headlights are brighter. Engines remained the same, sleeping compartment has not undergone significant changes. Maybe there are drivers who are used to their old tractors and I can understand them if they think their truck is better, because it has become their friend.

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