2023 Peterbilt 389

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To me, this is one of the most beautiful trucks of our time. It’s exactly the kind of truck that will appeal to anyone who wants to buy a new, but classic, American-style tractor-trailer. Look at the Peterbilt 389, – it is a continuation of the 379 and 359 models. Some owners even install the more angular headlights from the previous 379 model on their truck. This gives the truck an even more classic style.
Production of Peterbilt 389 was started in 2007 and with some updates continues today. This machine combines the exterior features of a classic truck and the latest achievements of the company in the field of electronics. Peterbilt 389 has become the flagship model of the company and not everyone can afford such a truck.

Price and sale 2023 Peterbilt 389.

If you look at the ads about the sale of even used Peterbilt 389 you will quickly see that it is an expensive truck. So one ’21 truck with 279,412 miles and equipped with a 565 horsepower Cummins engine sells for $169,950.
Another offering of the same, a ’21 with a Cummins X15 engine rated at 525 horsepower and an 18-speed Eaton Fuller transmission, with 461,158 miles, sold for $164,977.
As you can see – despite the almost twofold difference in mileage, the price for the two – these cars is almost identical. Perhaps this is due to the equally good condition of both kraks, or the presence of tuning on the higher mileage machine.
2020 Peterbilt 389 equipped with a Paccar 510 engine, with 411,000 miles on it, sold for $135,000.
2019 Peterbilt 389 equipped with a Cummins ISX engine and with 488,945 miles, sells for $129,000.
All four options, are tractor-trailers with large, sleeper cabs.

Appearance and photos.

Note the angle of the windshields. Their slope in the horizontal plane is noticeably more than the vertical slope. Such a decision has a positive effect on aerodynamics, but first of all it is caused by style. Such angle of the windshield slope could be found on Peterbilt 359, which was produced in the 80’s and is still found on the roads of the USA.
The headlights of the Peterbilt 359 have a more rounded shape. The updated shape of the headlights was to emphasize the newness of the truck. Otherwise, it is a real, bonneted, classic truck from the USA. Look at the way the exhaust pipes are brought upwards. They are mounted on the sides of the cab, which of course affects the aerodynamics of the truck, but gives the truck + 100 points in terms of style. At the same time, the exhaust pipes are fixed to the cab through special rubber bushings, which should reduce the level of vibration, and thus increase the overall comfort.
Huge air filter housings on the sides of the hood are decorated with parking lights. This solution was also used on the previous, 379th and 359th models. Battery boxes are provided under the upper steps, and fuel tanks are not covered by fairings. Some owners install an even higher, front bumper on their truck to lower it to the ground as much as possible.
Depending on the modification, the length of the sleeper compartment varies from 44 to 78 inches. This machine retains the trademark window in the right door, while the 579, which was produced at the same time as the 389, no longer has this window. This is one example that emphasizes the classic Peterbilt 389 direction. This is emphasized by the aluminum cab assembled with rivets.
A sun visor can be installed over the windshield. And many, American truckers install this detail on their truck. On the roof can be installed additional, parking lights, or klaxons.
For better comfort, the cab in the rear part is connected to the frame, through 2 air bags and two shock absorbers.
All in all, the exterior is one of the strongest points of this truck. This is exactly what this truck is bought for.

Interior and equipment.

2023 Peterbilt 389 can be equipped with an electronic dashboard. This element has a diagonal of 15 inches, and when starting the engine displays the image of the company logo. The company logo can also be applied to the interior mats.

The same dashboard is fitted to the 587. The instrumentation is mounted in chrome trim. The gauges and buttons are similar to the Kenworth trucks. Wood inlays can be noticed not only on the front panel, but also on the door trim and even on the glove box lids. Pay attention to the pleasant illumination of instruments and buttons, – it is yellow color and resembles moonlight.

The driver’s seat has not only a right armrest, but also a left armrest. The seats themselves are leather and can be equipped with heating and ventilation. Plastic cup holders are provided to the left of the passenger seat. Radio can be installed from the factory.

The sleeping compartment has the same equipment as the new 587th Peterbilt. There is a control unit for climate control, stereo and even the door locks – directly from the sleeper compartment. The same unit has a battery charge indicator. It is convenient when you need to know the charge and do not want to get out of bed.
Despite the classy appearance, – this is a very comfortable truck. May its cabin is not as wide as the Peterbilt 587, but it is a real classic.

Engine and technical characteristics of 2023 Peterbilt 389.

Under the aluminum hood there are various engines with power from 400 to 605 horsepower. The powerful, 15-liter Cummins diesel develops 600 horsepower, which is a very respectable output even today. The Paccar MX13 engine produces 510 horsepower.

To reduce service costs, the oil change interval is 75,000 miles. Disc brakes are installed on all axles of the truck. Yes, disc brakes are used on the 587, but the 389 is a classic. I think everyone is used to the fact that the rear wheels are mounted to the frame through air bags, but imagine that for better comfort, the front axle on each side has not one, but two bags! In the front, two leaf springs are installed.

As we said above, the cabin itself is narrower than on the aerodynamic Peterbilt 587, but in terms of electronic stuffing and comfort of the sleeper, the model 389 is not inferior to the new, aerodynamic tractors in any way. Besides, not everyone needs the widest cabin. All the same, when the driver is driving, the truck is used as a working machine, but not as an apartment, where you can walk. And about style, it would be superfluous to say something else.

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