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This vehicle is often used in the USA for garbage collection. Perhaps that is why it did not become a hero of action movies, like some trucks from Peterbilt, or Kenworth. But it is a technologically advanced truck, which uses innovative solutions. It is not only about two loading options (side or front), but also about the right door, which not only opens against the movement, but also folds in two (like a folding phone).
Autocar ACX is available in three wheel configurations: – 4*2, 6*4 и 8*4. Two and three-axle vehicles are used in the city, where maneuverability is especially important.

Price and cost of Autocar ACX.

This is a special purpose vehicle, so the cost of a new Autocar ACX can be more than 400 thousand dollars. Looking through the ads on truckpaper I saw a ’19 Autocar with 124,101 miles for sale in Florida for $9,500. In Brockton, a ’10 Autocar with 57,782 miles sold for $9,500. In the case of the Autocar ACX, the price depends very much not only on the year of manufacture, or mileage, but also on the equipment.

Exterior and photos of Autocar ACX.

I want to draw your attention that the cabin of this truck is installed in front of the front axle. This solution contributes to better maneuverability, which is very important in the city. Steps for climbing into the cab are installed in front of the front axle. The cab is double-sided galvanized and completely made of metal.

Turn signal indicators are mounted on elastic “legs” and are located outside the cab. The windshield is protected by a special metal frame. The grille can be removed in a few minutes. For this purpose it is necessary to turn 2 pins. After that, the grille can be removed and the radiator and cooling system can be cleaned.

The air filter housing is mounted behind the cab, fuel tanks have a round shape. Accuride wheel rims are made of aluminum. Around the front headlights are installed chrome trim.

Interior and equipment of Autocar ACX.

Opening the driver’s door of the new truck you can see a lot of warning stickers on its trim. In place of the interior mirror there is a monitor, which displays the image of cameras. Side mirrors are equipped with heating. Pay attention to the panoramic shape of the windshields, as well as how thin the front roof pillars are. This is done to maximize visibility. Also note how the corners of the rear of the cabin also have glass built into them.

There is a display on the center seat of the dashboard that can display useful information. Between the driver and passenger seat there is no passage, this place is occupied by a massive partition, with many buttons on its lining.

If I understood correctly, the steering wheel of this car can be easily and quickly removed and moved from the right side to the left. Perhaps it will come in handy if you need to drive along the right side of the road for a long time.

Of equal interest is the way the right door opens. It opens against the movement, – as on vintage, pre-war cars. But that’s not all. After such opening, the lower part of the door is lifted and pressed against the upper part, so the door is folded in two. At the same time, you can fold down the right seat cushion and drive standing up. This can be convenient when driving at low speeds or when stopping frequently. In this case, the door opening can be blocked with a special cable.

Engine and technical characteristics of the Autocar ACX.

The Cummins X12 engine provides 350 horsepower and 1350 foot-pounds of torque. There is a lot of additional equipment, so the truck is equipped with a powerful 160-amp generator. The truck is equipped with an Allison 4000RDS transmission and a Dana front axle.

Maybe at first glance this truck from Autocar is not as spectacular as the conventional, long-haul tractors. But if you spend a little time with this truck, it becomes clear how well thought-out and technologically advanced it is.

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