Autocar DK64

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I think not everyone even in the USA remembers about Autocar trucks today. In Ukraine, not many people have heard of these trucks, although we have Freightliner or International. I learned about this car manufacturer from the USA from Jay Leno’s program on YouTube. Then the famous TV presenter showed Coal Truck 1904. And from that video I learned that this is an innovative manufacturer, which first introduced ceramic spark plugs and rear axle gearbox in the car.

Today I would like to pay attention to the Autocar DK64 truck, which often works as a dump truck, or special equipment. Such a truck can be equipped with a bucket for snow removal, or a rather high, retractable ladder.

How much can I buy Autocar DK64 for?

Looking through the ads for sale it seemed to me that the offers are quite few. So on the mascus website there was one 1987 Autocar DK64 with 181,858 miles and a price of $25,000. To buy an Autocar DK64 in New Jersey now can be for 30 thousand dollars. But this car is equipped with three axles in the rear and a large wheelbase of 220 inches. Its year of production is the same as in the first case.

Exterior and photo Autocar DK64.

Note the shape of the front fenders, – they are made in the form of a curved sheet of straight shape. On these fenders, on long legs additional rearview mirrors of round shape are installed.
Fuel tanks also have a round shape and they could be inscribed with an inscription reminding that only diesel fuel is allowed. In the area of the upper footrest there is a box for tools, or other things. Pipes of the exhaust system are taken out above the level of the roof cab. The roof lights also contribute to this resemblance. This even gives the dump truck some resemblance to a tractor. There are steps on the dump truck body.

The truck Autocar DK64 is equipped with 24.5 tires. The size of not only the hood, but also the radiator grille is impressive.

Interior and equipment of the Autocar DK64.

The speedometer is programmed to 80 mph. Although it is a utilitarian truck, but the front panel can be finished with plastic imitating wood. The driver’s seat is mounted on a special suspension. There is no sleeping place in the cab of the dump truck. There is a lighting plafond on the ceiling trim.

Engine and technical characteristics of the Autocar DK64.

Under the hood of this truck there is a Cat engine with an output of 325 horsepower. Unfortunately, I have not found the data about the volume and torque, so you can complete this post, below, in the comments.

I’m sure it’s a tough and maintainable car. The Autocar brand itself has never been as popular as Peterbilt, or Freightliner. But this, American automaker produced very good cars, which serve their owners even today.

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