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I have never heard of Bollinger cars in Ukraine. Even in the USA, not many people know about this electric car manufacturer. As far as I know, it is not possible to establish serial production of this electric SUV, but the car is impressive.

Stylistically, it is made in the form of classic SUVs; – Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender. This car has a very rigid, power frame, is assembled on a frame and is not equipped with airbags. Just imagine that tempered glass is used to glaze the interior! Have you met such a solution on any other car? – I haven’t!
The Bollinger B1 / B2 reminds me of the Scarbo Vintage SV Rover. But the latter is more like a high-speed, desert buggy on electric traction, and Bollinger is closer to a military vehicle. And by the way, the B1 model is an SUV, while the B2 is a pickup truck.

The company was originally founded in Hobart, NY in 2014. The founder was Robert Bollinger and as you have already noticed, the company bears his name, which is absolutely normal for the world of automobiles. In 2018 the headquarters was moved to Michigan and in 19rm to Oak Park.

Bollinger B1/B2 price and value.

So far, there is no exact data on the price of the electric car Bollinger, because it is not clear whether the car will go into series. Earlier it was expected that the production car will cost 125,000 dollars.

Bollinger B1/B2 photo and exterior.

The body panels of the Bollinger car have a flat shape. While watching a video about this SUV, I noticed people tapping on the body panels and doors. This produces a sound like thick metal rather than thin metal.

You may notice from the photo that the door panels are on the outside. The doors can be removed quickly and easily. All of the glass is flat. The windshield does not have a large slope and is cleaned with three windshield wipers.
The wheelbase of the Bollinger is 105d, and the chassis itself is made of aluminum and weighs only 131kg. Initially B1 was created as a three-door SUV, but in 19-th year the car became longer and received 2 rear doors.

Also from the photo you can notice powerful, power bumpers with powerful towing lugs. The bottom is covered with smooth, metal plates. They protect not only the batteries, but also improve off-road passability.
The charging port is located on both the left and right sides of the vehicle.

Interior and equipment of the Bollinger B1 / B2.

The sporty, three-spoke steering wheel indicates the utilitarian nature of the car. The interior has 3 split seats with fastback tables between them. Not only the windows, but also the sunroofs in the roof above the seats are made of tempered glass. The rear door windows do not drop into the door, but slide to the side.

If you open the front trunk, you will notice wooden rails. They can also be removed and replaced quickly. There is a JBL subwoofer in the front trunk lid. Note that from the front trunk there is a tunnel through the passenger compartment and to the rear trunk.

A very unusual solution that I have not seen before on other vehicles. The rear window of the pickup can be raised, and the partition between the rear trunk and the saloon can be lowered. There are 4 sockets in the rear trunk, and a few more in the front trunk.

Bollinger B1 / B2 – engine and characteristics.

The combined power of the electric motors is 614 logadynamic horsepower. With such a motor, the Bollinger SUV is able to accelerate to 100km in 4.5s. The suspension is independent.
It has a range of 200 miles and can be charged with 110 and 220 volt devices. Fast charging is possible.

It’s an impressive car and I’d love to see it go into production.

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