Freightliner Century

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Freightliner Century was the predecessor of Cascadia and was produced from ’96 to 2010. In Australia, this truck was produced for a long time and was part of a 60-ton GVW truck train.
This truck was produced at the same time with Columbia. The trucks are equipped with the same engines and for the most part they are identical from a technical point of view. These are two powerful, conventional tractors. Bonneted layout contributes to better safety and maintainability. Technically the vehicles are actually similar, but in terms of marketing they are two different products. So if Columbia was intended for large companies, Century was to attract private carriers. The American trucker, who works for himself, had to like such elements, classic for the American trucker, as – the exhaust system pipe, or round headlights. Fuel tanks could be uncovered by fairings, which makes the Century even more similar to classic American trucks.
With the above-mentioned classic elements in its appearance, the Freightliner Century has the same good aerodynamics as the Columbia. To lighten the truck, the cab and fuel tanks were made of aluminum, and the roof and fairings were made of plastic. The same lightweighting solutions were used on the Columbia.
Many people know about the worse maneuverability of conventional trucks in comparison with cabover trucks. To minimize this phenomenon, the front wheels of the Freightliner Century are rotated by 50 degrees. Thanks to the air suspension, this truck can drive under a semi-trailer. This truck was produced in modifications – 112 and 120. These numbers indicate the distance from the front bumper to the rear wall of the cab in inches. The Century truck is equipped with two, rear axles. The truck could be equipped with interwheel and inter-axle locks. The interlocks greatly increase off-road capability, which can be useful on icy climbs. But even if the Freightliner is not equipped with interlocks, the truck is equipped with a system that brakes slipping wheels.

Freightliner Century for sale and price.

Looking through the classifieds for tractors for sale, I saw a 2004 Century with mileage for only $8,000. I suspect this is a machine that requires significant, financial investment and repairs. At the same time, I saw an ad for a 2005 Freightliner Century for $46,000. In the announcement it was stated that not long ago there was a major engine overhaul, as well as other large works on the car.

Exterior and photos of Freightliner Century.

As we said above, – the fuel tanks can be covered with fairings, and can be open. Each of the two, aluminum, fuel tanks holds 140 gallons of fuel, which is equivalent to 530 liters. There is a duffel box under the cab, as well as a battery compartment. As you probably know, this truck has a 12-volt onboard power supply.
The truck has a length of 7900mm, width of 2500mm and height of 3700mm. Curb weight of the truck with a long and high cabin is 7100kg. American truck is equipped with 295/75 R22.5 tires.
In the right door you can notice a small window. This solution is also found on other trucks from the USA. It is designed just to see the passenger car to the right of the truck. Under the door handles you can notice the inscription – Century. This is a small reminder that tells its owner what kind of truck he is getting into.

On the plastic hood, above the radiator grille, there is a special handle. By pulling it you can lift the huge hood. The same solution was later used on the Columbia.
Wheel disks could be alloy. At the same time, there are cars on which disks on the outer wheels of the rear axle are light-alloy, and on the inner ones – metal (they can not be seen anyway). Freightliner headlights could have chrome trim.
The exhaust system pipe, although it is led up, but it is hidden behind the cab and fairing, which contributes to better fuel efficiency.
In general, thanks to such elements of stylization as – round headlights, upward-facing exhaust pipes and uncovered fuel tanks, give this modern tractor similarity to the iconic U.S. Cars.

Interior and equipment of Freightliner Century.

In ’99, the basic equipment of the Century included an airbag for the driver. At the same time the noise insulation of the cabin was improved, which should affect the driver’s fatigue.

The cabin of the Century is probably already the majority of cabins on European tractors. But not a single European truck can compete with the sleeper compartment of American tractors. Just imagine – the width of the lower bed is 70 inches (175cm). Not everyone has a bed that wide at home. On the back wall of the sleeping compartment you can see the Freightliner inscription. The driver can look at this inscription before going to sleep and see it as soon as he opens his eyes. The roof can be equipped with a sunroof, and the sleeping compartment can be equipped with additional, window outlets.

On the front panel you may notice the brake lever of the semi-trailer. Of course, many cars are equipped with air conditioning.
In front of the driver there are a lot of instruments. Temperature gauges display data in degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Some owners complete their tractors with additional devices, for example, temperature gauges in the axles, or gearbox.

Engine and technical specifications Freightliner Century.

All Freightliner Century engines are equipped with turbocharger. The engines installed on this tractor can be recognized simply by the color of the valve cover. So Detroit-Diesel was green, Cummins – red, and Caterpillar – yellow. Century engines ranged from 400 to 600 horsepower.
The 14-liter Detroit Diesel produced 515 horsepower. The 12.8 liter Detroit produced 457 horsepower and 2270 N.M. of torque. This was the engine used in the Australian Century.
The Caterpillar engine with a displacement of 14.6 liters produced 460 horsepower. The Cummins engine produced 450 horsepower.

All Freightliner engines are considered very reliable and with proper care have a very long service life.
The mechanical, ten-speed gearbox Eaton Fuller was not equipped with synchronizers. Because of this, the gearbox is very reliable and can easily go through millions of kilometers. Many people know that in manual transmissions of American trucks it is not at all necessary to depress the clutch when depressing the clutch. Many drivers of these vehicles only depress the clutch when starting.
Special firmware can shut off the Freightliner engine when the oil or coolant level is critically low. Of course, all wheels of this truck have drum brakes.

Many people drive this truck even today. Even though the drivers make good money and are able to buy a new truck. But they do not do it, because Century became for them native and does not fail even in the most difficult moments.

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