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Production of the International 9700 began back in ’82, but in Brazil and New Zealand assembly of this tractor continues today. This American tractor has no hood, although its production was started after the removal of the limitation on the length of the tractor. And these tractors can be found on the roads of the USA even today. Not long ago I saw a video on YouTube, in which a girl said that she bought this tractor for only 5 000 dollars. And she not just bought it, but works on it! Reading the posts about this truck I have noticed more than once how the owners note the comfort and quietness in operation.

International 9700 price and sale.

Before writing a post about the International 9700, I looked through the for sale listings on Truck Paper. As of today, an ’89 International 9700 with 544,477 miles and a 350 horsepower Cummins engine is for sale in Utah for $13,000. In New York, an ’88 International 9700 with 1,180,911 miles is for sale for $7,500. In North Carolina there is an offer on a ’96 International with 476,000 miles for $16,500.

Of course the price of an International 9700 as with other tractors depends entirely on the technical condition. The car can be a later year and even with less mileage, but be in worse condition than an older car, but which was in the hands of a loving owner.

Appearance and photos.

Compared to most other cabovers, the International 9700 is notable because the steps are in front of the wheel rather than behind.
The large, panoramic glass improves visibility and minimizes blind spot. The cab is made of aluminum, and its panels are connected with rivets. This is quite a traditional solution for American trucks. The cab is raised by pneumatic or mechanical actuator. The cab is held in place by two hydraulic cylinders.
From the photo you can notice the door hinges of piano type, – they are very long and are not found on more modern machines. Side mirrors are installed in metal housings.

Aluminum fuel tanks hold 380 liters each. To someone such a tank may not seem too capacious, but according to some owners, this tractor is able to invest in 28 liters of diesel per 100km. Despite its age this is a pretty economical tractor. Fairings cover the fuel tanks and there are rubber pads behind the cab which also contribute to better aerodynamics. Just from the photo you may notice that the windshields are sloped.
There is a window in the right door to monitor the area under the starboard side. This is a traditional detail for American trucks. Only not long ago, some manufacturers began to abandon this feature.
I don’t remember to have seen it before, but the washer tank is installed in a box behind the driver’s door. This box is not through, but it is quite deep.
Worth mentioning is the hatch, under which there is an oil filler and a dipstick for checking the oil level. The hatch is located under the right door, in front of the step. The batteries are mounted under the cab, in the rear part.
The International tractor is equipped with 295/75 R22.5 tires.

Interior and equipment.

The doors in the International 9700 open to a very wide angle. Unusually, the handrails are located not on the outside, but on the inside of the cabin. The handrails remain warm even in winter, they are always clean and painted in body color. At the owner’s request, the handrails could be covered with leather or other material. In order to easily leave the driver’s seat, you can press a special lever and tilt the steering wheel forward and slightly up.

Some owners note a very light steering wheel, as well as the ease of driving the tractor in general. By the standards of conventional tractors, the gearbox lever is very short. The floor level between the front seats is quite high, because this is the place where the engine is installed. This tractor could be equipped with air conditioning and ABS system. Relays and fuses are located in the front panel, a little to the left of the passenger seat.
The International’s electrical system is rated at 12 volts, which is the norm for American cars. In addition to the traditional, electric klaxon, there’s a pneumatic one, which requires pulling a loop under the hood to activate.
There is an incredibly wide mattress of a sleeping compartment. The fact is that at that time it was calculated that two drivers will sleep at the same time. That is why there is not only a curtain separating the cabin and the sleeping compartment, but also a curtain dividing the mattress into two parts. It’s hard to imagine anyone driving a pair of trucks like this today, but for a single driver it’s a fantastically wide bed. The downside is that the mattress starts just behind the backs of the front seats and the driver has nowhere to walk around the cab and stretch out. The width of the sleeping compartment is 2.35cm. Of course, it has lighting and even cigarette lighters.

Engine and specifications of the International 9700.

In-line, six-cylinder Detroit Diesel engine with a displacement of 11 liters produces a power of 365 horsepower at 1800 rpm. This engine is mated to an Eaton manual transmission.
The International 9700 could be equipped with Hendrickson suspension. This running gear is characterized by a long service life, but requires replacement of plastic elements, otherwise the springs themselves deteriorate. The rear suspension is equipped with pneumatic cylinders. In front, two-leaf springs are installed.

Some drivers note the starters are not large and can be easily removed. The large air filter housing is installed under the cabin, not behind it. The antifreeze tank is also installed there. At first glance it is not practical, but the tank can be accessed without lifting the cabin. Pneumatic system tubes on this tractor were plastic. They do not rust, but can be broken if not carefully maintained.

This is a good, comfortable and charismatic tractor. As practice shows, this tractor is willingly bought even today. Of course, when buying this machine, an attractive price plays a big role. But despite the year of manufacture and high mileage, with the help of this International even today you can make money.

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