International Harvester Transtar CO-4070A

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It was behind the wheel of the International Harvester Transtar CO4070 that the T800 terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, chased Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor at the end of the iconic movie. I remember when I watched this movie as a kid, this scene seemed very exciting to me, and the truck was just as intimidating as its driver.

It may come as a surprise to some, but these trucks can be found on U.S. roads even today. And they’re not show cars. I wanted to say that they work even today, even though their production was started in ’65. At that time on the roads of the USA were dominated by cabover tractors, because at that time there were still restrictions on the maximum length of the road train.

Price and sale International Harvester Transtar CO4070A in USA.

There are actually very few ads for this tractor. But on the Truck Paper website I saw one for sale. It was a ’69 with a listed mileage of 671,843 miles. It’s for sale in Wisconsin for $9,000. It’s a tractor with a base engine with 238 horsepower. Of course for this price the car can’t be in perfect condition, but judging by the photos and description it is in quite roadworthy condition.

Appearance and photos.

As we said above, – this truck has no hood. The windshield is divided into two parts, which was the norm for that time. In the front bumper there are cutouts for legs, and under the windshield there are handrails. This is useful if you need to wipe the glass.

There is Transtar lettering at the bottom of the door. Under the door itself is a small footrest.
And although this truck has no hood, it has all the attributes of a real, classic truck: – exhaust pipes, open fuel tanks and open air filter housing. From the photo you can notice that the air intake for the engine is above the cab. This solution can be very useful when driving on unpaved roads, when there is a lot of dust.

Headlights of round shape are also an attribute of the trak of that time.

Interior and equipment.

Many International Harvester Transtar CO4070A were equipped with short cabs, without a sleeper. But on some trucks there is a short, sleeper cab. Of course this truck could not have a wide mattress like later trucks.
The window lifters are mechanically operated. There is not much free space in the cab, – it is not a house, but a driver’s workplace.

Engine and technical characteristics of the International Harvester Transtar CO4070.

Initially, the base engine for the International Harvester Transtar CO4070A was the DVT-575V-8 with 230 horsepower. Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines were available as options. In ’70, the Detroit Diesel 12V71 V12 engine was introduced. This unit has a capacity of 13.97 liters, develops 350 horsepower and allows to pull a load of 144,000 pounds. This is achieved with a cylinder bore of 108mm and a piston stroke of 127mm.

Of course, by today’s standards, this tractor is not as user-friendly as modern machines. But it has so much charisma that it is still a favorite truck for its owners. Such people do not want to change their Harvester for a newer truck, even though it is much more comfortable.

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