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The International Lonestar truck was presented in Chicago, in 2008. The new truck competed for customers with Kenworth T680 and Freightliner Cascadia. International called the Lonestar an advanced classic. And this definition quite accurately conveys the essence of the machine. This tractor is not like any of the aerodynamic tractors from competitors. In my opinion, and I think many people will agree with me here, – Lonestar has much more bold solutions in its appearance than any of its competitors.

It may be hard to believe, but the Lonestar took only 24 months to develop. The look of this truck was designed not only on the computer, but also with the help of many, clay models. During the development process, representatives of International conducted a wide survey among American automakers. So they found out that drivers wanted to get more shiny details and more lights from the new truck. In addition, the developers took into account that the average driver spends 120 hours a week in his truck. This is not only time spent behind the wheel, but also time spent on rest.
Not everyone knows about it, but by the time Lonestar was released in series, the German company VW bought about 30% of shares of International. For this reason, the American truck uses some technologies from MAN trucks (this brand is owned by Volkswagen). In general, stylistically, the creators of Lonestar tried to give their tractor a resemblance to tractors and pickup trucks that were produced half a century ago.

International Lonestar was available in five modifications; – Day Cab, 56Low Roof Sleeper, 56 Hi-Rise Sleeper, 73 Sky-Rise Sleeper, 73 Hi-Rise Sleeper.

International Lonestar price and sale.

Looking through the classifieds for International Lonestar for sale I saw the following offers. For sale in Dakota is a ’19 with 344,573 miles on it. This machine is powered by a Cummins X15 engine with 485 horsepower. The price is $64,900. The second ad I saw was in Canada, in the town of Alberta. A ’17 truck with a Cummins ISX 15 engine with 585 horsepower and 987,250 miles on the odometer, sold for $100,000.

Appearance and photos.

Inspecting the International Lonestar from the side, first of all a huge, radiator grille catches the eye. It looks like a shield of a medieval knight. I have never seen anything like this on any other serial tractor. At the same time, the angle of the hood was not large, which distinguished it from the main competitors. Looking ahead I will say that International did not even move the expansion tank from the radiator to the rear of the engine, which was done by many competitors, to increase the slope of the hood and improve aerodynamics.

The exhaust pipes are moved up, on the sides of the cabin. This solution obviously does not contribute to aerodynamics, but it is + 100 to style and charisma. Pipes can be straight, or curved to the top. It depended only on the wishes of the pladelord. Pay attention that on the sides of the hood in Lonestar there are air filter housings. Such a solution, in this class, none of the competitors could not afford. It worsens aerodynamics, theoretically increases noise at speed, but how cool it looks!
With all this, you can notice that the width of the cabin in International is almost the same as the sleeping compartment. This shows that the company has done a great job not only on style, but also on driver comfort and convenience.

The huge, shiny bumper is actually made not of stainless steel, but of aluminum. That in itself has a very positive effect on the weight of the truck. The fuel tanks hold 120 gallons each. There is no window in the right door, – perhaps the creators of the tractor decided that stylistically it would be inappropriate.
The hood consists of three parts, which is convenient and practical in case of repair. The front headlights can be round at the owner’s request – it gives the car more individuality. A sun visor can be installed over the windshield.

Interior and equipment.

It is not rare to see drivers praise Kenworth tractors for their trim materials. But International has also produced a car with a good finish. There is soft plastic on the front panel, on the door cards, and on other elements of the cabin trim. Wood is used in the trim, which adds to the expensive feel.

Relay and fuse box is located in front, front passenger, under a special panel. It is noteworthy that Navistar has provided for spilled coffee or tea over the panel, under which fuses are hidden. And in this area they have arranged water outlets. It’s a very thoughtful solution.

For convenience during rest, the front and side windows can be covered with a curtain. A special curtain can separate the cabin from the sleeping compartment. The heating system is able to clear the fogging of the windshield in just 3 minutes after starting the engine, even if it is -17 degrees Celsius outside. The Latto Flex rear mattress is 42 inches wide. A Moonsoon music system with 11 speakers was offered as an option. The speedometer is programmed to 85 miles, whereas on some other tracks the speedometer is only digitized to 80 miles. Those 5 extra miles are not unreasonable, considering how fast American truckers drive. The instrument dials are chrome-rimmed, and there is even an axle temperature gauge. While not unique, it is very useful equipment.

On YouTube I saw a video in which the driver noted that the door does not open to too large an angle. And this can be attributed to a minus, because it directly affects the convenience of boarding / disembarking.

Engine and technical characteristics of the International Lonestar.

For the International Lonestar were offered Cummins ISX engines with power from 435 to 600 horsepower. As you probably know, – these engines were painted in red color. The most powerful Cummins engine developed 605 horsepower and 2779N.M of thrust.

Many drivers know about it, but not readers. Cummins efficiency series engines can develop up to 505 horsepower and are fuel efficient. Cummins perfomance engines can develop up to 605 horsepower.
Caterpillar C15 engines (which are painted in yellow color) develop power from 435 to 550 horsepower.
Lonestar uses axles from meritor, dana – spider and hendrikson. Even different models of starters were offered for the International tractor, among which was Mitsubishi.

By default, the tractor was equipped with drum brakes, but disc brakes were available as an option.
On the technical side, International offers its customer a lot of modifications that can satisfy any task and need.

It is a very stylish car. But this is just the case, when the spectacular appearance does not harm functionality. There is a very comfortable cabin and a large and cozy sleeper. Powerful, reliable and maintainable engines. Time-tested gearboxes and suspension. This vehicle has everything for long hauls across the USA.

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