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The Prostar was produced by International in two generations from 2006 to 2017. It replaced the 9000 series and was the predecessor to the modern Lone Star.
Some have noted that it is not the best noise insulation compared to the Volvo. But on the move it is a very comfortable and driver-friendly truck. In addition, the Prostar was the first tractor in the U.S., which was equipped with ESP system. Production of these trucks was carried out in Ontario, Ohio and Mexico. These vehicles from International competed with Freightliner Cascadia and Peterbilt 387.

International ProStar price and sale.

Looking through the classifieds for International tractor for sale I came across offers like this. In Florida there is a 2015 International ProStar with 989,749 miles for sale for $32,000. In Texas, there’s an offer for a 2009 short cab with 1,036,000 miles for $15,000. In Quebec, a ProStar is for sale for $25,000.
Thanks to the not-so-high cost of a used truck, the ProStar could be a good option for a novice driver. Provided that he is ready to do repairs and maintenance of not young tractor by himself. Despite the age and significant mileage, good copies practically do not cause troubles to their owners.

Exterior and photos.

This is a bonneted, aerodynamic tractor. The air filter housing and fuel tanks are hidden under plastic fairings. This solution contributes to fuel economy and is the norm for this type of vehicles. On this tractor, as well as on many others, the hood is plastic, but here it is unusually light. It is easy to lift when you need to check fluids or perform maintenance. Air gets to the air filter just through the hood – there are special air intakes in the front part of the hood.
I would like to draw your attention to the way the front bumper is tilted here. I have not seen such a solution on any other tractor. Thanks to the bumper tilting, which is done with two latches, you can perform the necessary work without removing the bumper itself.
To improve aerodynamics and to lower the hood line, the radiators were mounted lower than on other trucks.

The exhaust pipe is located behind the cab, which is also the norm for this class of trucks. There is no window in the driver’s or passenger door, which is typical for many American trucks. At the same time, to improve visibility, the sill line on the doors is curved downward, closer to the hood.
The rear part of the cab is installed on pneumatic cushions, which contributes to comfort. Under the driver’s door there is a connector for engine heating. The front headlights here are diode and equipped with running lights.
Appearance can be attributed to the strong point of this tractor. We can not say unequivocally that it is more beautiful than Freightliner or Kenworth, but it is quite a typical representative of aerodynamic tractors from the USA in the early noughties and early 10s.

Interior and equipment.

Chrome dash trim is more common on expensive tractors like Peterbilt, but International has this option. The aforementioned, insufficient noise insulation, some of the owners eliminate by sticking additional de-noise insulation.

The steering wheel can be adjusted in both directions, and the front seats have air suspension, which is also a plus in terms of comfort. On the steering wheel there are buttons to control not only the music system, or cruise control, but also the engine brake. The fuse box is located behind the trim, in front of the front passenger. Thanks to this, it will be easy to change a burnt fuse even in winter, or in a heavy downpour.

Some drivers note that both the steering wheel and the dashboard are installed slightly to the left, relative to the driver’s seat. And this can be considered a significant disadvantage. Though drivers get used to it and it does not cause discomfort.

Honestly, I do not know the width of the lower mattress, but I heard one of the drivers saying that it is wider than on Freightliner. I think two people could easily rest on such a sleeping compartment. The sleeping compartment is equipped with a block of autonomous heater, air conditioner, lighting and even autostart. With the help of adjustments the light can be made brighter or dimmer.

International ProStar engine and technical specifications.

Maxxforce 11 and 13 series engines are available for the International Prostar. These engines are quite finicky about fuel quality. Those drivers who want the most powerful and reliable trac choose the Cummins ISX15 engine. The power of this 15-liter inline six is 460 horsepower, which at first glance is not so much. But there is a very high torque and it is available from low revs.
Transmission can be manual or automatic.

The International Prostar has a new steering shaft with large splines. The latter can withstand heavy loads and are much more durable than those used on previous models of International tractors.
The front suspension is pneumatic, which also contributes to comfort. At the same time, the rear brakes are drum brakes.

International tractors are not as popular as Kenworth or Peterbilt, but they are excellent machines with their own advantages. Owners appreciate them for comfort, power and economy. With the Cummins engine, the aerodynamic Prostar is capable of 32 liters per 100 km, and some drivers achieve a consumption of 28 liters on a smooth road, without frequent acceleration.

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