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This International may not have the same spectacular looks as the LoneStar. But this machine does very hard work, and it is assembled on the same lines as the military MaxPro – designed for ambush and bombing.

In the U.S., the International Workstar does a variety of different but necessary jobs. These machines are used for garbage collection, clearing roads of snow. Workstar trucks work as a cement mixer and dump truck. Very many machines are assembled for specific customer requirements and have non-standard equipment.

The simplest modifications have a wheel arrangement 4*2. Models 7300 and 7500 can be equipped with four-wheel drive. The 7400 and 7600 versions have wheel arrangement 6*4 and 6*6. GVW with 6*4 wheel arrangement is 23 tons.
International WorkStar 7600 can be equipped with 8*6 wheel arrangement. With such an extensive variation of the wheel arrangement it is possible to install a wide range of equipment. Workstar can be used as a fire, rescue or evacuation vehicle. It can be equipped with a crane or water cannon.

Price and sale of International WorkStar.

Looking through the ads for International WorkStar for sale on TruckPaper I saw the following offers. In Pennsylvania, a 2010 WorkStar with 16,562 miles and 260 horsepower is for sale for $100,000. The high price in this case is explained by the low mileage and good condition of the truck. In Louisitania, a ’13 with 328,500 miles is for sale for $73,000. In Florida, there is an offer for an ’11 International WorkStar with 250,692 miles for $67,500.

Appearance and photos.

International WorkStar received a new hood and a new, radiator grille. Thanks to these elements, the track is easily and unmistakably recognizable. Pipes of the exhaust system are led upwards, and the fuel tank with a volume of 70 gallons is not covered by fairings – this will appeal to fans of classic, American tractors.

On the sides of the hood you can notice heat-removing holes. There are also additional mirrors on the hood. In addition, mirrors are installed above the doors, – they allow you to notice a passenger car, which came too close. On some other tractors for this purpose are used windows in the mirrors, but WorkStar does not have them.
The cab is made of galvanized steel, which should increase its longevity.
The front wheel arches can be supplemented with plastic extenders. One-piece, panoramic windshield provides good visibility. But in case of its damage, the entire glass will have to be replaced.
The frame is bolted together, which is generally the norm. The frame can be reinforced with additional inserts. This option may be useful for dump trucks or machines that constantly transport heavy loads.

Interior and equipment.

The windshield is equipped with heating, which prevents fogging of the windshield even before the heater warms up the cold cabin. In front of the front passenger one can notice an inscription – International. The same technique is used in ProStar. Behind the plastic panel with the inscription there is a fuse block.

Thanks to this, it is easy to replace a burnt fuse even in difficult weather conditions or at night.
The ignition switch is mounted to the right of the steering column, on the center column. Most WorkStars have a short cab. Therefore, this machine is not designed for long trips.

International WorkStar engine and specifications.

The Maxx Force DT engine has an inline configuration and a displacement of 466 cubic inches (7.6 liters). Maximum output of 215 horsepower is achieved at 2200 rpm.
The more powerful N13 engine with a displacement of 758 cubic inches (12.4L) produces 475 horsepower at 1850 rpm. I would like to note that such power is not available to every tractor.
You can buy International WorkStar with Cummins ISM 385 engine.
Mechanical gearboxes Eaton Fuller have from 6 to 18 gears, depending on the modification. Automatic gearboxes from Allison are also installed on the International tractor.
From the photo you can notice how deep the engine goes under the cab.

This is a great, working machine. Perhaps it is not covered with a halo of cult, as some tractors. But it is the WorkStar that comes to the rescue when there is an unpredictable amount of snow, or when you need to work on a construction site, or even a quarry. This International has some affinity with the military MaxPro, and this speaks for itself, because a military vehicle should be characterized by increased survivability, reliability and maintainability. There are a lot of offers to sell WorkStar on the secondary market. This gives you the opportunity to own a powerful and reliable tractor for not too much money.

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