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Production of cabover Kenworth K100 began almost simultaneously with the iconic W900. Initially the series of cabover trucks was designated as K900, but after some modifications the machine received the designation K100.

These trucks also became iconic and even today continue to operate not only in the USA, but also in New Zealand. In Australia Kenworth K100 was established production and there it was used as a part of huge road trains. The trucks operated in Australia and New Zealand were often equipped with protection of the front part of the track and windshield. In the USA, the K100 was produced in Kansas, Missouri.

Kenworth K100 price and value.

You can buy a used Kenworth K100 for an average of $50,000. In this case, as in the case with other trucks, the cost will be determined mainly by the technical condition and the degree of improvement of the machine, not by the mileage, or the year of manufacture.

Looking through the ads on trucksales I saw a ’90 model year for $35,000. A ’98 Kenworth K100 with 612,000 miles can be purchased for $55,500. One K100 with a mileage of 1.2 million kilometers sold for $62,000, but it’s a 2005 machine.
Surely restored cars of earlier years, especially if they are equipped with a V12 engine, can be much more expensive.

Kenworth K100 exterior and photos.

In 76th year there was a modification with a high, sleeping compartment. Such a machine is characterized by glass in the roof of the sleeping compartment. The height of the sleeper compartment on such trucks is 2.1m. A similar solution was used on the W900. By the way, the rectangular headlights on the K100 were the same as on the W900.

For more durability their glass was made of fiberglass. The last decision can be very actual on the roads of Australia, where hard surface is not everywhere.

The windshield consists of two parts, which makes it cheaper to replace a damaged element. Under the windshield you can see handles, which you can grab when wiping the glass, while standing on the bumper. Some owners put a leather insulator on the hood lid – this makes it easier to start the diesel engine in winter. Which may not be relevant in Australia, but is quite useful in the US. Many cars have a sun visor over the windshield. The body panels are riveted together.
Note the location of the air filter housing – it is located under the cab, in front of the fuel tank.

Interior and equipment of Kenworth K100.

On the door trim you can see the logo – KW. Sleeping compartment is not as big as in the bonneted W900, but the bed is very wide. It starts almost right behind the backs of the front seats.

Engine and technical characteristics of Kenworth K100.

The peculiarity of Kenworth K100 is a diesel engine Caterpillar 3406. It is a V12 with a displacement of 852 cubic inches and a power of 450 horsepower. For the ’70s, this was a very significant value. The minimum horsepower rating for the Kenworth K100 is 240 horsepower.

The Kenworth K100 had Eaton Fuller manual transmissions with 13 and 18 gears.
The rear suspension was air suspension. In the old modification of suspension – AG100 – there were four air cylinders, in the new AG400 – eight.

Even today, despite the age and mileage, Kenworth K100 continues to work on the roads, not only in the United States. These are powerful, reliable and beautiful machines.
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