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Production of Kenworth T2000 began in ’96. This truck replaced the T600 model and was the predecessor to the T2000. It was a technologically advanced machine, built in an aerodynamic style for efficient fuel economy. They are on the roads of the United States even today. And there are even examples with less than 100,000 miles on them. I saw a video on YouTube about two cars that were used by race teams and carried the equipment they needed. These cars weren’t on the road every day, so they didn’t have a lot of mileage on the odometer. Drivers who later bought these cars consider themselves lucky. And I can understand that.

A Kenworth T2000 is nothing like a Peterbilt 379, or a Kenworth. It’s not a classic. Maybe that’s why I can’t remember seeing this truck in any movies.
It is a truck with a wider cab and streamlined shapes of the track to save fuel and develop high speed on the highway. The tractor is available exclusively with 6*4 wheel arrangement. From bumper to front wall can be 2845, or 3048mm.

Price and sale of Kenworth T2000.

Of course, the cars with the above-mentioned, ultra-low mileage, are worth good money. Let’s take a look at a few T2000 for sale listings on Truck Paper.
In Iowa, a 2009 T2000 with 1,300,000 miles and a Cummins engine is for sale for $55,000. In New York, a 2007 with 975,514 miles and a Caterpillar engine with 475 horsepower for $13,900. In Missouri, a 2006 T2000 with 1,100,000 miles is for sale. This machine is equipped with a Caterpillar engine and a 10-speed, manual transmission. The price of this tractor is $165,000.

Exterior and photos.

The cab and sleeper compartment of this tractor are made in one module. Pay attention to the hood – it is wide and has a significant slope of 32 degrees. This solution in itself has a positive effect on aerodynamics. The front fenders merge with the hood and do not stand out significantly. According to the photo, you can notice that the radiator grille on the T2000 is not as high as on the next – T680.

The main headlights are installed not in the fenders or in the lower part of the hood, but in the bumper. This solution is not often, but sometimes used. There is some practical sense in it – the light from headlights can be lower than the fog level. But I think this solution was mainly dictated by stylistic considerations. The bumper consists of three parts, which positively affects repairability. For comparison – on both generations of T680 the front bumper consists of two parts. As in subsequent models, the side mirrors are mounted on the door frame, but not on the door itself. Apparently, Kenworth considers this solution more reliable in the long term. And it is important today, when these trucks are more than 20 years old.
Of course, for better aerodynamics fuel tanks are covered with plastic fairings. The exhaust pipes are located behind the cab. At the owner’s request, the truck could be equipped with two exhaust pipes. The T2000 could be equipped with a wide range of additional equipment. On YouTube I saw a truck where a fuel generator was installed behind the rear wall of the cab and exhaust pipes.
In the right door of Kenworth T2000 there is a window, through which you can easily see a passenger car or a person. With a body length of 8150mm, the wheelbase is 4800mm.
Perhaps the appearance of the Kenworth T2000 will not appeal to everyone, but there are fans of such an unusual appearance. In good condition, such a machine always attracts attention on the road and in the parking lot.

Interior and equipment.

Many people may like Kenworth T2000 because of much wider cabin than in classics. So between the driver’s and passenger’s seat there is a distance of 30 inches. Thanks to this the driver can easily get up from the driver’s seat and go to the sleeping compartment. At the same time, once up, the driver can straighten up to his full height, which is more difficult to do in classic tractors. Compared to the previous model – T600, noise insulation of the cabin has improved by 20%.

According to the photo you can notice that the fuse box is located in the cabin, just behind the curb. Therefore fuse replacement is quick and easy. This is especially important when it is cold outside or raining heavily. Wood is used in the cabin trim, which is a sign of the high class of the tractor. As is the use of carriage-type trim, where buttons pull the leather to the cab. The gas stops that hold the glove box lids in place also indicate premiumness. The hitch can be operated from the cabin.

Only climbing into the cabin you can see plastic plates with the inscription – Kenworth, on the sills. In the area of headrests of front seats one can notice initials KW. The seat is installed on a pneumatic cushion. The electrical system is designed for 12 volts.

A mirror is mounted on the inside of the locker door in the passenger compartment. There are 9 sleeping compartment options available for the Kenworth T2000. The smallest sleeper is called Aero Cab Flat Top Sleeper, its length is 965mm. The largest sleeper is called Studio Vit Modular Sl and its length is 1880mm.

The advantage of the T2000 sleeper is that there are ducts under the bottom bed, through which air from the air conditioner or stove is supplied directly to the bed.

Engine and technical characteristics of Kenworth T2000.

Under the hood of the Kenworth T2000 were installed engines with a volume of 11 to 15 liters and power from 28 to 600 horsepower. These engines are Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Cummins. The engines meet the environmental standards Euro 3, and since 2005 – Euro 4. The hood is raised and held on two gas shock absorbers.

Caterpillar C15 in the modification with an output of 475 horsepower, develops a maximum torque of 2237N.M at 1200 rpm. Often the machine with this engine is equipped with axles with a main pair of 3.55:1.
The front axle is designed for a load of 7000 kg, rear axles for 23 000kg. The rear suspension axle is mounted on 4 air pads. All axles have drum brakes. Only not long ago on the T680 23rd year began to install disc brakes.

This is a good, reliable and comfortable truck. Even with significant mileage it is ready to serve its owner. Kenworth T2000 is not legendary, but it is a quality and not too expensive machine. For those who need a machine for work, this should be important first of all.

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