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This is the first American truck, when creating which was taken into account aerodynamics. Kenworth took the T600 so seriously that they even blew the prototype in Boeing’s aerodynamic tube. This truck was produced from ’84 to 2007, and it became the predecessor of such trucks as T2000 and T680 of both generations. The history of aerodynamic Kenworth trucks began with this model and this is what makes T600 remarkable. And despite the solid age, Kenworth T600 is not so rare on American roads. Also on the market there are not a few announcements about the sale of these machines. Therefore, the person who wants to buy Kenworth T600 has all chances.

The prerequisite for the creation of Kenworth T600 was the fuel crisis of the 70s. Then not only manufacturers of passenger cars thought about fuel economy. But if the latter was possible to reduce the engine volume and dimensions very significantly, then for trucks it was not applicable, otherwise they simply could not pull heavy loads. The solution was to improve aerodynamics.
The Kenworth T600 was well received by American drivers. In ’85, 40% of the company’s sales came from this truck. Compared to the classic and by that time produced for more than 20 years, W900, the new model became more economical by more than 20%. Turning radius of the T600 was reduced by 25%. Perhaps it is not so important, taking into account the developed road infrastructure in the USA. But the T600 was produced not only as a tractor, but also as a dump truck, tow truck and even a fire truck.

Price and sale of Kenworth T600.

Looking through the ads for Kenworth T600 for sale on Truck Paper, I saw the following offers. A 2007 with 1,378,314 miles and a 450hp Cummins engine is selling for $23,000 in Texas. In Plummer, there is an offer on a 2005 tractor with a million miles and a 600 horsepower Cummins engine for $35,000. In Florida, you can buy a 1998 tractor with a 460 horsepower Cummins engine for $32,000.

Appearance and photos.

Inspecting the photo of Kenworth T600 you can see the windows in the upper part of the sleeper, above the roof of the cabin. Such a solution has been used in W900 for a long time and was probably borrowed from there. In addition to looking very stylish, the extra glass also helps to illuminate the sleeping compartment.

Compared to the following models, the T600’s grille is not as tall. But it is remarkable because it is divided into two parts. As in the following T2000 and T680, the grille is made of aluminum. Note the KW logo at the top of the grille – it acts as a handle when opening the hood. The hood itself is quite narrow at the front, but it widens closer to the cabin. A spoiler could be installed on the roof, directing the air flow above the trailer.

Initially, the windshield was divided into two parts, but in the 90th year as an option became available one-piece glass.
The wheelbase varied from 4064mm to 6604mm depending on the model.
The fuel tanks on the Kenworth T600 are made not of stainless steel, but of aluminum. Apparently, this is one of the tricks to lighten the truck. The capacity of each tank is 550 liters. The tanks are covered with plastic fairings. The fuel filler cap is unscrewed through the upper step. The latter was wide and facilitated access to the cabin. In order to get to the batteries, you will have to unscrew the bolts fixing the aerodynamic panels with wrenches.

Under the door on the driver’s side there is a connector for engine heating. Side view mirrors are installed not on the door itself, but on the door frame. Later this solution will be used on all aerodynamic models of the company.
I would like to draw your attention to the turn signal indicator on the rear side of the front fender. Obviously, such a large indicator is designed for cars traveling in the opposite direction, but slightly behind. The rear axles can be fitted with solid Super Single tires.

Unlike the next model – T2000, the headlights are not installed in the front bumper, but traditionally – in the front fenders. The headlights are very reminiscent of those on the W900.

Interior and equipment.

The dashboard of the Kenworth T600 could be electronic, it was developed by Boeing company. Wood is used in the cabin and sleeper compartment. It can be found in the front panel trim, in the door trim and on the glove box covers, which are quite a lot in this truck, which improves the overall comfort.

The sill line on the doors has a curve, which today can be considered a trademark of Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors. This curve allows the side mirrors to be mounted lower and makes it easier to interact with them. Many instruments have chrome trim, which is inherent to Kenworth tractors and today and visually gives the car an expensive look.

In ’95 there was a modification T600B, for which was available a large, sleeping compartment – Aerocab. In the trim of the sleeper compartment there is a button trim.
Relative to the W900, the T600 cab was not narrow, but it was considerably narrower than the wide, sleeping compartment. At the same time, leaving the driver’s seat, the driver could immediately straighten to his full height, thanks to the high roof. At that time, for many drivers it was a very pleasant phenomenon. At the same time, the bed in the sleeping compartment remained very wide. So Kenworth T600 gave an opportunity to save 20% of fuel on a trip, and then provided the same comfortable sofa as the W900.

Engine and technical characteristics of Kenworth T600.

The engines available for the Kenworth T600 were Paccar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel. Paccar MX-13 engine with a volume of 12.9 liters, depending on the modification developed 380 – 500 horsepower. Cummins ISX-12 with a capacity of 12 liters, produced from 370 to 450 horsepower. Cummins ISX-15 with a capacity of 14.9 liters develops 450 – 600 hp, depending on the version. Detroit Diesel 12.7 liters produces 390 horsepower.

The front suspension could be air suspension. At the rear, there were two air tanks on each axle. I want to draw your attention to the shape of the expansion tank on the radiator. Thanks to this shape it was possible to make a significant slope of the hood, and thus improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

This is a great car for work. Many copies, being in the hands of good owners, despite serious mileage, are in good, fully working condition. Such a machine, even if it is still from the 90s, can be a good option for a beginner trucker who does not have money for a new truck, but is full of energy and enthusiasm for work.

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