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Without exaggeration, it is a legend of American trucking. This truck has been in production since 1961 and is still in production today. I can’t think of another truck that has been in production as long as this one.

This truck won the hearts of many drivers and became the hero of many movies. Just think of such cult movies as “Smokey and the Bandit” or “Maximum Acceleration”. I almost forgot, – the same Kenworth starred in the movie – “ice drive”. I’m sure – I know, or have seen, not all movies with this truck.
In addition to the USA, Kenworth W900 was produced in Mexico, Canada and Australia. On the distant continent these trucks were used as part of huge trains. However, other tractors from America were also popular there. In the States, some modified Kenworth W900 are engaged in delivery of huge, oversized cargoes. Such trucks have 3 driving axles in the rear and reinforced, cardan shaft and necessarily double frame. Peterbilt W900Long from the bumper to the rear wall of the cab (in front of the sleeper compartment) has a distance of 130d (330cm).
This is one of the most recognizable trucks in the USA and a legend of American long haul trucking.

Kenworth W900 for sale and price.

Looking through the classifieds for Kenworth W900 for sale I saw the following offers. A 2020 truck from Ilinois is for sale for $156,750. The mileage was not listed. But a ’23 with 293,840 miles from Missouri sold for $204,950. A ’19 Peterbilt W900 with 734,789 miles from Tennessee sold for $139,900.

Exterior and photos.

The newer Kenworth W900s are equipped with a one-piece, not split, windshield. Whereas the Peterbilt 389 has separate glass and is in two pieces even today. Previously on Kenworth the windshield was also separate.

From the photo you can notice that the front headlights are mounted in the fenders, while on the Peterbilt 389 they are mounted on the radiator grille. The hood of the Kenworth has a double-sloped shape, – this also distinguishes the W900 from the Peterbilt 389.

Kenworth W900 has a window in the right door. This is an attribute of many American trucks. However, the sill line on Kenworth doors is curved, not straight as in Peterbilt. There is a special fairing in front of the air filter housing, which I have not seen on the Peterbilt. And of course, the exhaust pipes are led up and fixed on the sides of the cab. The pipes have a slightly different design than in Peterbilt.
You may also notice a window in the sleeper compartment just above the cab. These windows are two in front, – above the windshield and it is a special feature of Kenworth trucks. Such a solution was not found on classic Peterbilt trucks.

On the driver’s side there is a 150-gallon fuel tank, and on the passenger side – 130. The tanks are made of stainless steel and are not covered with fairings. Under the driver’s door, you can see a control for raising and lowering the first of the three rear axles (where provided). On machines equipped with a lifting axle, there is an indicator under the seat, by which you can see how much this axle is raised or lowered.

Behind the rear wall of the sleeping compartment can be installed antenna, or additional boxes. The cost of the latter can be 10,000 dollars, but they allow you to fit a lot of extra stuff. Even carbon fiber wheel fenders can be offered as optional extras. The owner of the W900 can complete his truck with rubber wheel arch extenders. The largest sleeping compartment is called Studio Sleeper.
In the photo I tried to show the double frame. Although the additional frame is thinner than the main frame, it significantly increases the strength of the truck. The saddle on these trucks can be moved forward and backward, for a particular trailer.
Kenworth W900 is equipped with 425/65 R22,5 tires.
This is a very nice looking truck and looks are definitely one of the main advantages of the W900. Peterbilt 389 is also very beautiful, but personal preference will play a major role in choosing between these two trucks.

Interior and equipment.

As it always happens in classic, conventional tractors, the cabin is quite narrow. But it does not embarrass fans of such trucks. Despite the classic look, the exterior mirrors are equipped with electric drive and heating.

The steering wheel is adjustable in angle of inclination and is covered with leather. The leather seats are heated and can be equipped with ventilation. Just like in a Mercedes or Cadillac).

Also on the steering wheel there are controls for cruise control and engine braking. Kenworth inscription can be seen on the door cards and on the mats. Some buttons are unified with Peterbilt, among them there is locking of two – interwheel and one – interaxle differential.

The front panel and door trim are finished with wood inserts. The costliness is added by the leather binding, thanks to which the buttons recess the leather trim. Speakers are mounted above the level of the doors and one of them works with the radio.

While in the sleeping compartment you can notice the above-mentioned glass in the upper part. There is also a small door, through which you can get in or out of the sleeping compartment.
There is no sense to write about wide beds of the American truck. In addition to all conveniences like refrigerator, microwave oven, a lot of boxes and control of climate system, there is a cigarette lighter.

Engine and technical characteristics of Kenworth W900.

On the valve cover, or in the upper part of the block head ( depending on the engine) there is a plate with the characteristics of a particular Peterbilt ( I tried to show it in the photo).

Engine Cummins CX15 at the volume of 15 liters gives out power of 565 horsepower and torque of 2250N.M already at 1000 revolutions. In more powerful modification the same engine produces 605 horsepower. It is this motor is popular among carriers of oversized cargoes.

The Caterpillar C-15 engine produces a power of 475 horsepower. Pay attention to the designation of the engine index, – C-15. If there is a hyphen between the symbols, it means that the truck is equipped with one turbine. If there is no hyphen, it means that the truck is equipped with two turbines.

There are two shock absorbers and one air cushion on each wheel of the front suspension. In some modifications, 4 leaf springs are installed in the front. In basic modifications two leaf springs are installed in the front. As well as on Peterbilt 389 are installed disk brakes on all wheels (I tried to show it on the photo). In one video of an oversized cargo carrier, I heard that on a long descent the brakes on his truck simply caught fire. Of course, this is due to excessively heavy operating conditions, because disk brakes themselves cool down much better than drum brakes. Of course this tractor is equipped with an engine braking system and a trailer braking system.

The transmission ratio of the main drive train varies depending on the modification of the truck. It can be: – 3.36:1, or 4.33:1. In the second case, when the reduction gear is switched on, the ratio is 5.9:1, which is very useful for carriers who are engaged in transportation of oversized cargo.
Kenworth W900 is equipped with two steering gears, which significantly increases the reliability of the design. Some vehicles are retrofitted with TriPac Evolution, which keeps the engine warm to -20 degrees outside, making cold starts easier.

It’s an iconic hauler. I think some of these cars are passed down from father to son, like they used to do with swords. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful, powerful and comfortable machine. Its cabin may not be as wide, but in terms of styling this Kenworth can be compared with only a few other American classics.

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