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You really like classic American trucks, but you would like a wide cabin like in such aerodynamic trucks as Peterbilt 579, or Kenworth T680? Then you may like the new model W990 from Kenworth.
Kenworth W990 was shown in the fall of 2018 in Las Vegas. Initially there was a version that this car should replace the iconic W900, but even today both cars are produced at the same time.

Kenworth W990 sale and price.

Before writing this post I have familiarized myself with ads about Kenworth W990 for sale on Truck paper. A ’23 low and short Day Cab truck with only 270 miles and a Cummins engine with 565 horsepower sold for $221,000 in New York.

A ’23 Day cab truck equipped with a Cummins X15 engine rated at 605 horsepower, an 18-speed transmission and three axles in the rear sold for $295,000 in Illinois.
A ’22 tractor with a long sleeper and high cab sells for $140,000. It’s a 158,884-mile machine with a Cummins engine rated at 565 horsepower.
In Mississippi, a tractor with 223,000 miles on it is for sale. The machine is powered by a Cummins engine with 605 horsepower. This 2021 truck sells for $217,750.
This is a new model of the truck, which means that it will not be cheap for a long time.

Looks and photos.

It is very difficult to confuse Kenworth W990 with any other truck. Like on the W900, the headlights in the W990 are installed in the front fenders, but they are not rectangular, but more square. I don’t remember a truck with such a large grille. The hood line of this truck is taller than many grown men. The hood and grille itself is noticeably wider than on the W900.

As on the T680, the cab and sleeper compartment of the W990 are a single unit. You can see from the photo that the cab is almost as wide as the sleeper.
Pipes of the exhaust system in the manner of classic tractors are led upwards, on the sides of the cab. This is an indispensable attribute of classic tractors. Kenworth W990 is equipped with open fuel tanks with a capacity of 150 gallons each. But I want to draw your attention that there are no air filters on the sides of the hood – only chrome-plated air intakes. Compared to classic trucks, the hood is very wide. Some drivers sitting behind the wheel of the W990, it seems that in front of them is not a hood, but a runway on which an airplane could land).

You may also notice that there is no window in the right door, which is found on the W900 and on classic trucks like the Peterbilt 389, or the Freightliner Classic. This window allows you to see the passenger car next to the right side of the truck. The sill line on the side doors is curved like on the W900. This allows the side mirror to be lowered slightly and makes it easier to see into.
You may also notice that the angle of the windshield in the W990 is greater than in the W900. This decision should help with fuel economy. That said, the radiator grille is larger than on any public-road truck I know.
Under the doors, you can see the W990 lettering.
The front tires are 11R 22.5.

Interior and equipment.

Getting into the cabin you can see the inscription W900 on the mat, as well as Kenworth on the sill. On the leather-wrapped steering wheel there are buttons for cruise control. The steering wheel can be adjusted not only in the angle of inclination, but also in the reach. Although in most trucks it is adjustable only by angle.

The upper part of the front panel is trimmed with soft plastic. And it is made not only for the feeling of pleasant, tactile sensations, but also just so that the plastic does not squeak when the car is driving. The front panel is decorated with wooden inserts, and the gauges themselves have chrome trim. The W990 can be fitted with an electronic, instrument panel.

Among the gauges is a brake pressure gauge, on the truck and on the trailer. Each tank has its own fuel gauge. It is possible to determine the temperature of the drive axle, transmission and the degree of clogging of the air and fuel filter. Of course, there is also a supercharger pressure gauge.
The aisle between the front seats is much wider than on the classic type tractors. Head restraints are installed on the sides of the driver’s seat – and on the left side as well. The front, right seat can be rotated 180 degrees. This can be very convenient when resting in a parking lot. In this case, a table can be placed between the deployed, front seat and the rear bed.
The 320-watt music system is equipped with an amplifier and a 10-inch diameter subwoofer. The system includes 8 music speakers.

On the wall of the sleeper compartment can be labeled W990. This is another attribute that does not let you forget what kind of truck you are in. Depending on the modification, the sleeper compartment has a length of 1m, 1.3m, or 1.9m. In the first case the cab has a low roof, in the second case the sleeper compartment can be medium or high.

The sleeping compartment has a door. Such a case is of course critical, but in case the car, for whatever reason, there was a fire from the side of the engine compartment, the door will help to leave the cabin.
Microwave oven, refrigerator and control of climate and music system are also present in the sleeping compartment.

Kenworth W990 Engine and Specifications.

Six-cylinder Paccar engines with a volume of 12.9 liters, depending on the modification have an output from 405 to 510 horsepower.

More powerful engines Cummins X15 depending on the modification have an output from 415 to 605 horsepower. At the same time, versions with a capacity of 565 and 605 horsepower are not rare. Cummins X15 with an output of 565 hp develops a thrust of 1850N.M at 1000 rpm.
The Kenworth W990 is available with a manual transmission with the number of gears from 5 to 18.
The front suspension is equipped with double leaf springs. The rear suspension is notable for the fact that each axle has not two, but four pneumatic cushions. Kenworth W990 is equipped with disc brakes on all wheels. This is the norm for European tractors, but drum brakes are much more common on American tractors.

This is a stylish and very comfortable truck. Of course, it has elements of the classic W900, but I do not think that the W990 can be considered a replacement for the legend that has been produced for more than 60 years.
The undeniable advantage of the W990 is a wider cabin. And that’s why it can be a good choice for those who would like a classic truck, but who need a higher level of comfort and space.

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