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Mack trucks are not often seen in the role of a tractor. Usually they perform the function of a dump truck, or a concrete mixer on a construction site. These machines perfectly cope with heavy work. But the brand’s new flagship, the Anthem, has the potential to appeal to America’s tractor drivers.

As you probably know, – Mack Anthem replaced the Titan model. Compared to the latter, fuel consumption has been reduced by 3%. This is an aerodynamic tractor, but the shapes of its body panels are not smooth, – they have sharp edges. And in this you can find some similarity with Kenworth W990, which tries so hard to combine the features of a new, aerodynamic tractor and classic tractor.
Some people know that the Mack brand is owned by Volvo. For this reason, the head of the Swedish concern Martin Lundstend was present at the presentation of Anthem. At the same time, Mack trucks are produced in the U.S. and mainly for the domestic market.

All Anthem trucks are equipped with the Mack Connect system. Thanks to this the office will always know about the location of the track. The presence of such equipment indicates that Mack prepared their trucks for large companies with hired drivers. For obvious reasons, a private carrier does not need such equipment.

Mack Anthem price and sale.

Browsing through the Track Paper website I saw such offers about Anthem for sale. So Georgia is selling a ’23 with 52,339 miles on it for $140,995. In Tennessey, a ’20 Trak with 478,000 miles and 475 horsepower is for sale for $47,000. In Virginia a ’20 trak with 387,282 miles for sale for $70,000.

Appearance and photos.

Note the bulldog sculpture placed on the hood of the trac. The dog’s leash has the inscription – Mack and it is also used as a handle to open the hood.

Mack Anthem is available with three types of cabs; – Day Cab (short cab without sleeper), Flat Top Sleeper 48d (122cm) and Stand UP Sleeper 70d (178cm).

Note the optional hood mirrors. They are not mounted on the side panels of the hood – as it happens on most tractors, but on the upper plane. The windows themselves are dihedral. Because of this, they are somewhat distant, but give a larger viewing radius. The mirrors have chrome-plated housings. Chrome trim has not only the main Led – headlights, but also fog lights in the bumper. Also chrome coating has a trim of air intakes on the hood.

The right door has a traditional for American trucks window. A sun visor can be installed over the glass.
Fuel tanks hold 150 gallons each and are covered with fairings. To reach the battery box under the steps on the driver’s side, two levers must be turned and the fairing panel must be hinged. Under the door there is a socket for engine heating, but this attribute is also found on other American trucks.
Many drivers note a convenient handrail for access to the cab. The pipe of the exhaust system is placed behind the rear wall of the cabin and is led upward.

In general, the Mack Anthem has a unique appearance and differs among other American trucks. It has a spacious and wide cabin, which is only a little bit narrower than the sleeping compartment. The sleeping compartment is 70d long and provides a comfortable rest even on long trips across the country.

Interior and equipment.

Note the additional handle on the door trim. This makes it easier to get into the driver’s seat. There is no traditional handle on the top of the door trim. It is replaced by an unusually large lever that opens the door.

Unlike some tractors like Kenworth and Peterbilt, Mack does not have a fully digital dashboard. There is a 5d display on the dashboard, between the speedometer and tachometer. In rich versions, the front panel and door cards are finished with plastic imitating wood and aluminum.

The buttons for adjusting the driver’s seat are located not on the left (as it usually happens), but on the right side. There is a fire extinguisher to the left of the seat. Front seats can be covered with leather and installed on air suspension.

The Anthem’s cabin is reportedly 35% roomier than the Titan’s. There are additional boxes above the windshield, which is the norm for this type of tractors.

Steering wheel adjustment is made with a special pedal, similar to the parking brake pedal on passenger cars. Some drivers note that it is not convenient to press it, as it requires movement in vertical, not horizontal direction. There are buttons on the steering wheel to control cruise control and music system volume. The latter equipment is also a norm for cars – competitors.

Of course there is a large sleeping bag. Refrigerator, microwave and TV are all the norm. But I would like to draw your attention to the thickness of the bottom mattress. I do not know its thickness in numbers, but by eye it is obviously thicker than mattresses on many other trucks.

Engine and technical specifications of Mack Anthem.

For Mack Anthem there are available engines with output from 325 to 505 horsepower. The MP8 engine with a volume of 13 liters develops power of 505 horsepower and traction of 2524N.M. The younger MP7 engine with a volume of 11 liters develops power of 425 horsepower and torque of 2115N.M.

Mack Anthem is equipped with such manual transmissions as Eaton Fuller and Maxitorque. In addition to them there can be installed a robotized gearbox Mdrive and automatic – Allison.
Axles are used from such manufacturers as: – Mack, Meritor and Dana.

The main, engine-mounted components, such as the generator, are easily accessible. At the rear, the cab is attached to the frame through air pads, which is the norm for new tractors. There are double leaf springs in the front and air cylinders in the rear, which have also long been the norm.
In a normal situation, the leading is the rear, third axle. This allows you to save fuel, but if necessary, you can connect the second axle, which will significantly increase passability. At the request of the first buyer, Anthem can be equipped with interwheel and interaxle lock. But the same equipment can be installed on the tracks of other manufacturers.

This is a beautiful and authentic looking machine. This is what should mainly incline you to buy it. Technically, I don’t see any noticeable advantages next to other, American tractors. But the machine looks stylish and will surely find its buyer. It seems to me that this tractor should be in great demand among private individuals, not companies, just because of its bright appearance. But it should be realized that Mack has very strong competitors. The appearance of the 990th Kenworth is not less interesting and it has features of classic tractors. And those who want to get an aerodynamic tractor can choose the new 680th Kenworth or Cascadia from Freightliner.

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