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This truck from Mack was produced in two generations since 2006. Some of the trucks were equipped with sleeper compartments from 48 to 70 inches long. But often Mack Pinnacle was not equipped with a sleeper compartment at all. Such trucks were used for regional transportation, in which there was no long rest in the truck. Also Mack Pinnacle with DayCab was used as a chassis for special equipment. On the basis of this Mack could be built a fire truck, a truck crane, or a large, recovery vehicle.
Of course, the main market for the Mack Pinnacle was the USA. A significant portion of the cars were sold in Canada. The Pinnacle was sold in Peru and in Venessuela, but in these markets the truck was designated as Vision Elite. The Mack Pinnacle tractor was assembled in Pennsylvania. The machine was the company’s flagship and the predecessor for the modern Anthem.

Mack Pinnacle price and sale.

Looking through the classifieds for Mack Pinnacle for sale I saw offers like this. Like a 2013 Mack 2013 with 420,290 miles, 505 horsepower for $50,000 in New York. There’s also a 2015 Pinnacle for sale with the same motor, 377,659 miles, for $60,000. In Virginia, there’s an offer on a ’14 Trac with 416,735 miles for $69,950.

Appearance and photos.

The first-generation Mack Pinnacle is easily recognized by its square-shaped headlights and more rectangular body shape. The windshield of the first generation – consists of two parts, and the car of the second generation – it is one-piece. Both solutions have pros and cons. Modern trucks are usually equipped with a one-piece, panoramic glass. The two-piece glass provides cheaper and easier replacement of the glass, because only one half can be replaced, not the whole glass. A sun visor can be installed over the windshield. A glass can be installed in the rear wall of the DayCab.

Depending on the modification, the wheelbase of the Mack Pinnacle varies from 166 to 247 inches. Front axle payloads range from 12,000 to 14,000 pounds (5,400 to 6,400 kg).

In the first generation Mack Pinnacle is equipped with exhaust system pipes that go up on the sides of the cab. This solution is a classic on American trucks. But the air filter housings are installed under the hood. Fuel tanks are not covered by fairings and are also a decoration of this tractor, as well as huge, chrome-plated mirrors.

About the stylish emblem in the form of a bulldog with the inscription Mack on its collar I think it is possible not to remember. As on many other tractors, there is a connector for engine heating under the driver’s door. There is a window in the right door, through which the driver can see a passenger car or other obstacles. For better visibility, additional mirrors are installed on the hood.

Interior and equipment.

Once in the cabin, you can notice that the steering wheel has buttons for controlling cruise control and bluetooth. Such options are the norm for modern trucks today. The steering wheel can be adjusted in the angle of inclination. Above the windshield there are many open boxes without lids.

In the basic equipment the window lifters are manually or mechanically operated. On the first pillar of the roof there is a handle, which should facilitate access to the cabin.

The 70-inch sleeper cab features a very wide, lower mattress. Unfortunately I have not found data on its width. At the top of the high, sleeping compartment you can see a wide glass window with a sliding vent. It can be useful in a parking lot when the driver wants to air out the cabin.

Of course, the sleeper compartment has a control unit for heating and climate control. This has also long been the norm for tractors with large splitters.

Engine and technical characteristics of the Mack Pinnacle.

The Pinnacle was originally equipped with the MP7 engine. It is an in-line, six-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 659 cubic inches (10.8 liters). Depending on the modification, the power of this engine varies from 325 to 425 horsepower. Torque varies from 1710 to 2100N.M.

The MP8 engine, which appeared in 2007, has a displacement of 783 cubic inches (12.8L) and develops power from 415 to 505 horsepower. Torque from 1979 to 2531 N.M.
Base vehicles are equipped with Mack Mdrive gearboxes without left clutch pedal. Depending on the version, the boxes have 12, 13 and 14 gears each. Those who wished could choose a car with an Allison automatic transmission.
The basic equipment includes a rear, air suspension – Twin Y. The brakes here are drum brakes.

This is a powerful and durable machine, which can be found not only on long, leading from south to north, highways, but also on regional roads. Mack trucks are mostly known not as highway tractors, but as machines used on construction sites, or in other industries where it is important not to make long one-way trips, but to be able to work reliably in difficult, road and weather conditions.

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