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Mack Titan became the most powerful truck in the history of the company. This machine became the predecessor for Anthem and in two generations was produced from 1995 to 2017. The debut was made in Las Vegas.
Highway tractors from Mack are not very popular in the United States. But in Australia, Mack tractors are used as part of huge road trains with GVW of 200 tons. In 2006, the Mack Titan tractor with a Cummins engine with 625 horsepower set a record by pulling 100 meters, a huge hitch of 113 trailers. This convoy stretched for a kilometer and a half. In the U.S., the Titan is more commonly seen as a dump truck, a machine for transporting timber, or oversized loads.

By the way – you could see such a tractor in the game GTA San Andreas. These tractors are easily recognized by the pipes of air intakes. This element I have not met on any other truck. These air intakes are specially raised high above the ground to take relatively clean air, not the dust that rose above the road without a hard surface.
GVW of Mack Titan with 8*6 wheel arrangement is 53 tons. Wheelbase of such a truck is 4600mm. As we said above, the most powerful engine in the history of Mack – MP-10 – is installed under the hood of the Titan. By the way, MP stands for Mack Power. This engine is a copy of Volvo D16 and is even assembled in Sweden. For those who do not know, the Mack company belongs to Volvo. A significant part of the engine assembly work is done by robots. So they install the liners in the engine block and they paint the engine too.

Sale and price of Mack Titan.

Looking through the ads about the sale of Mack Titan on Truck Paper I saw such offers. So in Illinois, a 2016 low and short cab chassis with 526,000 miles for sale for $128,750. Also in Illiois, a ’17 chassis with 311,000 miles is for sale for $142,750. In Colorado, a Mack Titan dump truck with 255,500 miles is for sale for $99,000.

Appearance and photos.

The frame thickness, depending on the modification can be 8mm; 9.5mm and 11mm. Some cars are equipped with 5mm thick frame stiffeners.
There are pipes in front of the doors, but this is not an element of the exhaust system, but air intakes. Such elements are necessary on cars working in Australia.
Above the huge, radiator grille can be installed a glass deflector and of course the famous bulldog emblem.

For better visibility the window is installed not only in the right, but also in the left door. Hardly these windows will be useful in Australia, where for many miles around there may be no people at all, but somewhere on a construction site where there may be a lot of workers, you need good visibility.
The hood is made of plastic, which in the 90’s was the norm for American trucks. The first generation Titan windshield is made of two parts, which makes it easier to repair and cheaper to replace.
This is a conventional truck, which improves the repairability of the truck and makes its maintenance easier.

Interior and equipment.

Tractors have a high and pancake sleeping compartment. There is a heating and air conditioning system. Of course, a refrigerator or a microwave oven can be installed. But this is standard equipment for tractors. It is unlikely that Mack can give the tractor driver something that is not in Kenworth or Peterbilt. Probably for this reason Mack is more often found on construction sites, or in quarries, but not on paved highways.

The Mack’s two-spoke steering wheel has metal spokes. This may appeal to customizing enthusiasts.

Mack Titan engine and specs.

The MP-10 engine has a capacity of 16.1 liters. Maximum power is 675 hp, and torque – 3150N.M. On the left side of this inline six is installed two fuel filters. This is a copy of the Volvo D16 engine and this engine is assembled in Sweden. When the engine is assembled, many of the precise operations are done by robots. The engine block is of course made of cast iron, but the engine is equipped with liners, which provides maintainability. Thanks to the liners in the repair of piston liners will not have to bore the block, but enough to replace the liners and pistons.

In addition to this engine, it is possible to install power units Cummins ISX and Caterpillar C-16.
Manual transmissions were installed from Maxitorque and Eaton Fuller. The number of gears could reach up to 18.
Load capacity of the front axle varied from 5.5 to 9 tons. Of course, the trucks with a reinforced frame with inserts had a higher payload.

In Australia, the Mack Titan tractors became iconic. These tractors serve as an engine for huge road trains. Mack tractors have become so well-liked in Australia that they have even set up production there. These tractors are often driven on roads without hard surfaces where there is no developed infrastructure, and the area is not populated. In such conditions, reliability is very important

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