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This is the Oshkosh M1070 and it is the largest tank tractor in the United States Army. I don’t know if any other country has a tank tractor of comparable size, power and payload. As you probably know, the Oshkosh M1070 was designed to transport the M1 Abrams. And some drivers note that when transporting the Bradley armored personnel carrier, the load is not felt even when going uphill. Of course, when transporting an Abrams tank, the load is already felt. Nevertheless, it is a very powerful tractor, capable of providing rapid delivery or evacuation of heavy tanks, even in the absence of paved roads.

Despite the initial, military orientation, today anyone can buy Oshkosh M1070 in the USA. The fact is that some of these vehicles have already been written off from the army. At the same time, in many cases, the tractors are in excellent condition. They are great for transportation of oversized cargoes, such as a huge bulldozer. Some people buy Oshkosh tractors for transportation of timber. This is a very good decision, because this machine was designed for efficient transportation of very heavy loads in off-road conditions. Undoubtedly, there are other, excellent tractors in the States that are used to haul oversized loads on the highway. But which of these trucks has 8*8 drive? And which of these tractors has a trailer equipped with 40 separate wheels? In general, – for transportation of timber it is what you need.

Production of the Oshkosh M1070 began in ’92. The first contract was concluded for 1044 vehicles, and the first modification of the tractor was called – A0. Visually, this truck can be easily recognized by the angular cabin. The later modification A1 is characterized by a slightly more rounded cabin, with a smaller grille.

Since ’92, 2900 of these trucks were produced in different modifications. Almost 2600 were intended for the U.S. Army. In addition to tanks and armored personnel carriers, in the army they are used to transport artillery or other damaged vehicles.
In 2004, 1009 Oshkosh tractors were recalled for major repairs and maintenance.
In 2010, the first orders for the Oshkosh M1070 A1 were placed. The contract amounted to 440 million dollars and included the production of more than 1000 tractors. The first A1 trucks were delivered in 2010. A1 production was completed in 2014 at the mark of 1591 vehicles.

The Oshkosh M1070 tractor is equipped with a special trailer M1000DRS Technologics. The trailer has 5 rows of wheels, with wheels mounted not only on the edges, but also in the center of the trailer. Such a solution allows to increase the contact area and thus reduce the pressure on the ground. Each of the 5 axles is rotatable. The axle closest to the truck is rotated to the smallest angle, and the far axle – the 5th – is rotated to the largest angle.

Oshkosh M1070 price and sales.

Despite its original specification, these trucks are freely sold on the Internet. So looking through the ads on Truck Paper I saw the following offers. In New York there is a 2000 Oshkosh for sale for $89,000. In Washington, D.C., a ’15 Oshkosh is for sale for $81,500. In Indiana I saw an offer on a 2001 truck for $70,000.

Exterior and photos.

The cab of the Oshkosh M1070 is armored. Of course, this truck is not designed to participate in front line breakthroughs, but the armor can help in case of guerrilla ambush. The exhaust pipe is located behind the cab and is equipped with a cover, which closes as soon as the engine stops running and the gases escape.

The tractor itself is 9.09 meters long, 3.96 meters high and 2.59 meters wide. The length of the trailer is 15.8 meters. So the total length of the combination is 24m. In youtube I found information that the same area, which falls on the Oshkosh with a trailer, is occupied by a built battalion of soldiers. The gross train weight is 105 tons! The semi-trailer itself weighs 22.8 tons and is designed for a load of 70 tons. The trailer is equipped with two hydraulic winches, each of which has a pulling force of 25 tons. These can come in handy for pulling damaged equipment on board.

To withstand such a huge load, the frame is 356mm high and 89mm thick! Just imagine the thickness of this frame! And the frame uses SAE 1027 carbon-manganese steel.
Surely you have noticed without me that there are not 2, but 3 axles at the rear. The window, which is often found on American tractors at the bottom of the right door, is on the left side. It looks like this way they tried to improve visibility from the driver’s seat.

The oil dipstick is located under the door on the driver’s side. Right behind the fuel tank there is a box with batteries. To change the fuel filter, you can simply slip your hands slightly below the driver’s door and simply unscrew the filter.
Earlier versions of the A0 are characterized by less wide, front bumpers. On the A1, the front bumper is wider and the main, lighting units are fitted.

Interior and equipment.

Despite the huge width of the cabin, only two people can sit in the front, including the driver. The fact that for maximum survivability the engine is moved closer to the cabin.

Therefore, there is a huge area between the driver and the passenger. Behind the backs of the front seats there is a solid sofa designed for 4 passengers. This sofa is equipped with seat belts. Front seats can be adjusted in height.

But in general, there are no significant conveniences in the Oshkosh tractor. Neither the front panel, nor the doors are not lined, which is normal for utilitarian, military equipment.

Engine and technical characteristics of the Oshkosh M1070.

Under the hood of the Oshkosh M1070 tractor can be installed one of two diesel engines. In-line six Detroit Diesel engine with a capacity of 12.06 liters develops a power of 500 horsepower at 2100 rpm. Torque of 1993 N.M. is already achieved at 1200 rpm. Together with this engine docks 5-speed automatic transmission Allison CLT-754.

The second engine was Caterpillar C-18 with an output of 700 horsepower. This motor is mated to an Allison 4800SP 7-speed automatic.
Just from the photo you can see that the turbo is mounted above the valve cover. This makes it easier to remove and service. Both engines are reliable and serviceable.
The Oshkosh suspension is equipped with air bags, and the wheels have tire inflation.

This is an impressive machine that can be useful not only in the army, but also in other industries where the transportation of heavy and oversized loads is required. This tractor is capable of transporting huge sequoias on unpaved dirt roads. These machines can be used to deliver heavy equipment in the oil and gas industry, in areas where there is no good infrastructure. At the same time, the cab can hold all the crew needed for the job.
The 40-ok wheels not only distribute the weight over the entire area of the semi-trailer, but also do not allow the bottom to get caught on the bend of the ground. This is important in off-road conditions.
Thanks to the 2004 repair company, many of the machines sold today are in good condition and do not require significant repairs. Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar engines have also long been known among American truckers. Because of this, powertrain maintenance should not be difficult.

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