1910 Oakland Model 24

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Today, only enthusiasts remember the Oakland automobile brand. But in its time this manufacturer produced quite powerful, comfortable and not so expensive cars. 1910 Oakland Model 24 is a good example of this. The engine power of this car was … Continued

1978 Ford CL 9000

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Cabover 1978 Ford CL 9000 was produced from ’78 to ’91. This truck was a cabover version of the W-series. The truck was available in two-axle and three-axle versions, the latter received the designation CLT. Despite the fact that 1978 … Continued

1934 International C-Series

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The 1934 International C-series resembles the passenger cars of its time in appearance. This vehicle was produced at a time when the United States was already recovering from the Great Depression and the economy required a light, commercial truck. The … Continued

1953 Mack B-Series

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The bonneted Mack B-Series truck was produced at the same time with the cabover H-Series. From 1953 to ’66, 126,745 of these heavy trucks from Mack were produced. The truck was available in 2- and 3-axle versions and became the … Continued

Kenworth K100

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Production of cabover Kenworth K100 began almost simultaneously with the iconic W900. Initially the series of cabover trucks was designated as K900, but after some modifications the machine received the designation K100. These trucks also became iconic and even today … Continued

1953 Mack H-Series

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There is not much information about the Mack H-Series on the Internet. I found only a few short videos on YouTube. The truck is so rare, that I have not seen a single advertisement about its sale. Therefore, if you … Continued

1931 Peerless V16

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There is almost no information on the internet or youtube about the 1931 Peerless V16. It is a magnificent automobile and unfortunately for me, it was not put into production.By the onset of the Great Depression, automobile manufacturers in America … Continued

1912 Peerless Model 60

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There is almost no information about the 1912 Peerless Model 60 on the internet. On YouTube I have not found a single review of this, stunning, vintage, American car. I have only seen one video of this car from a … Continued

1923 McFarlan Model 154

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I have to admit – even up until yesterday, until I watched Jay Leno’s video, I didn’t know about the 1923 McFarlan Model 154. There’s no typo here – we’re not talking about British McLaran cars now, but American McFarlan … Continued

1934 Nash LaFayette

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The Nash automobile brand is not remembered by many people today, even in America. Nash LaFayette was shown shortly after the Ford Model 18, the first mass-produced car with a V8 engine. The car from Nash cost one and a … Continued