1936 Packard 120

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This Packard allowed the company to get things going and once again, after the Great Depression, reach a high level of sales. This was achieved by producing a relatively affordable car, under a brand of absolute luxury and quality. Just … Continued

1936 Lincoln Zephyr

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 The 1936 Lincoln Zephyr was not the company’s flagship. Lincoln positioned this car lower than the K-Series, but certainly higher than the eight-cylinder Ford Model 18. Despite not the highest price tag, the Zephyr, like the K-Series, was equipped with … Continued

1917 Lincoln L-Series

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I don’t know about you, but I could hardly imagine that Mercedes and BMW were created by the same person. But that’s exactly what happened with Cadillac and Lincoln. Both luxury, American car manufacturers were founded by Henry Lilland. In … Continued

1941 Studebaker US6

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Studebaker US6 became the most massive vehicle delivered under the Lend-Lease from the USA to the USSR. During the war years 100 thousand of these trucks were sent to the Soviet Union. For comparison, the well-known Jeep Wyllis was sent … Continued

1927 Studebaker President

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Few people remember it today, but in 1928, Studebaker became the owner of Pierce Arrow. Thanks to the acquisition of the manufacturer of one of the most luxurious cars in America, Studebaker took a place at the very top of … Continued

1933 Pierce Arrow – Silver Arrow

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The 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow engine is smaller in displacement than the 1910 Model 66, but it is no less impressive. In my opinion, it is one of the most amazing cars in history. Like many other masterpieces, this car … Continued

Vector M12

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The Vector M12 is technically quite different from the company’s previous models. I will never forget how impressed I was by the W8 with its 7-liter turbocharged V8. Even more surprising was the automatic, three-speed gearbox. The M12 is much … Continued

Vector WX-3

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This Vector WX-3 was to be the successor to the iconic W8 and a competitor to the best, Italian supercars. Unfortunately, only two of these cars were produced, one of which belonged to the founder of the company – Gerald … Continued

Vector WX-8

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Unfortunately for me, the Vector WX-8 never went into production. The prototype of this supercar was shown in Los Angeles in 2007. By that time the W8 was long ago taken out of production and many people forgot about this … Continued

1904 Packard Model L

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It was the first Packard to have its engine mounted not under the driver’s seat, but in the engine compartment at the front of the car. The 1904 Packard Model L was produced when the company was run by Henry … Continued