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Peterbilt 587 is the replacement for the 387 model. It is written everywhere that compared to the previous model, the 587 is 2.5% more efficient and 1.25% more economical. I wouldn’t say those are very significant figures. But in its day, this was a new, aerodynamic truck from Peterbilt. Such a machine provides a high level of comfort for the driver not only while driving, but also while parking.
The cabin in Peterbilt 587 is a little wider and more spacious than the classic model 389. Of course, this truck is made in a completely different style than the aforementioned 389. But just 587 model can be a great alternative for comfortable tractors from Volvo. Reviews of some owners of Peterbilt 587 say that drivers like this machine even more than Volvo and Freightliner Cascadia. Perhaps it’s just a matter of personal preference, but some drivers talk about the Peterbilt’s ability to drive for long periods of time at high, cruising speeds while providing acceptable fuel consumption.

Peterbilt 587 for sale and price.

As with other trucks, the value of the machine is determined entirely by its technical condition and the presence of tuning in the exterior, or in the engine.
So at the time of writing this post, in Indianapolis, a 2012 tractor with mileage of 615,000 miles, equipped with a Cummins ISX15 engine and a 10-speed manual transmission, is for sale for $40,000.
That’s roughly what the car is worth in live condition, without too many defects.
In Gulfport, a 2016 Gulfport pulling a 2016 with 712,000 miles equipped with a Cummins engine sells for $22,000.

Both are equipped with a long and tall cab. Despite the later year of production, perhaps in the second case the machine is in worse, technical condition.
In Georgia Peterbilt 587 2013 with a mileage of 856000 miles, with a Cummins ISX15 engine with 450 horsepower, with a 13 Eaton box, sold for $ 39,000.
Separated from the frame, the cab, in Michigan sold for $7,000.
These are just a few examples that show that a Peterbilt truck with not too much mileage and in not bad condition, can be bought for quite reasonable money.

Appearance and photos.

The beautiful, round-shaped fuel tanks on the 587 are of course covered by plastic fairings. Otherwise they would serve as an obstruction to airflow, which would increase fuel consumption. By default, the exhaust pipe is located under the frame, but at the request of some owners, the pipe is located upward, behind the cab. Some owners even install large, chrome-plated bumpers on their Peterbilt 587, which give the truck a resemblance to classic, bonneted tractors.

Of course here is a plastic hood. This is a common solution, which is used by other U.S. truck manufacturers. To open the plastic hood, you can simply pull the emblem. It serves as a kind of handle. This is a special feature of Peterbilt trucks. So on Freightliner trucks in the front part of the hood there is a special recess, which is used as a handle.
In the steps are built in duffel boxes, which can be filled with spare parts, or tools. This solution is certainly practical, but not unique.

Fans of tuning and modifications can install a special visor over the windshield, which will protect the driver from glare. The air filter housing on such aero-dynamic truck is of course hidden under the plastic hood.

Interior and equipment.

The front seats of the Peterbilt 587 can be installed on air suspension, which in itself greatly contributes to the comfort and less fatigue of the driver. There are retractable cup holders in the front panel, and there are storage boxes above the windshield, under the roof.

The tractor can be equipped with a navigation system. In the right door there is a window, which is a trademark for American trucks, which allows you to notice a passenger car.

The sleeping compartment can be completely separated from the driver’s compartment by special curtains. The windows in the sleeper compartment can be opened. The sleeper compartment can be equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven and of course an air conditioning control unit.

Engine and technical characteristics of Peterbilt 587.

Under the hood of this Peterbilt truck can be installed Cummins engines with an output from 400 to 600 horsepower. And also Paccar engines with an output from 380 to 485 horsepower.

Some owners replace the pneumatic cushions of the cabin by themselves. To do this, you will need to raise the cab above the frame with a hydraulic jack, drain the air from the system, remove the old cushion and put a new one.

This is a reliable and fast tractor that is perfect for long trips across America. Probably many owners choose this truck not for good fuel economy, but for comfort and convenience on long trips. This truck may not be as charismatic as the 389 Peterbilt, but it has its own charisma and beauty.

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