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Vintage SV was the third model of the brand, but it was thanks to it that I learned about Scarbo Vintage car brand from California. I must admit – I was very interested in collecting information about this supercar of the off-road world. I was imbued with the idea of combining classic, vintage design and modern technology. According to the manufacturers’ idea, SV Rover should combine the design of a classic SUV – Land Rover Defender 90 and new, American technologies. When I learned that Scarbo Vintage is already producing a single-seater car, visually very similar to a Formula 1 car from Ferrari, the question of choosing a topic for the next post immediately disappeared.

Scarbo Vintage talks about the SV Rover as the world’s first, street-legal hyper truck. Such a vehicle is capable of crossing the desert at high speeds. As is often the case in the world of supercars, the engine is not mounted in the front, but in the middle, which contributes to good handling and stability. The suspension travel is 30d ( 762mm), and not only the front wheels turn, but also the rear wheels.

Scarbo Vintage SV Rover price and value.

You can buy a new Scarbo Vintage SV Rover in the United States for $1,500,000. Surely additional options and equipment will increase the cost of the car, but considering the unique abilities of the SV Rover, is it expensive?

Scarbo Vintage SV Rover exterior and photos.

The body panels of the truck from Scarbo Vintage are made of carbon fiber and aluminum. There is a desire to make the vehicle lighter, stronger and more reliable, but the same materials make it more expensive. You have probably noticed that the body of Scarbo Vintage SV Rover is two-door. This is another factor indicating the sporty character of the car.

Pay attention to the wheel arches. They are not only extended, but also raised when the wheel rests on the fender. You remember the wheel travel of this car, don’t you? The diameter of the wheel rim is 20 inches, and the diameter of the tire put on it is 40 inches! Pay attention to the tread pattern, such a wheel is definitely designed for off-road, not for smooth asphalt.

In the photo you can notice massive, painted in red color towing lugs. The suspension elements and even the muffler are hidden behind special panels that should protect them off-road.
Above the rear – left lamp you can see the name of the company – Scarbo, and above the right model name – SV Rover. Unfortunately, I have not found any data about dimensions or curb weight of this car.

Equipment of Scarbo Vintage SV Rover.

The dashboard is made in the form of a monitor with a diagonal of 12.3d. In the central part of the front panel there is a multimedia screen with a diagonal of 12.8d. This is one of the elements indicating the presence of modern technology. The engine is started with a button, and elements of the interior are finished in alcantara and aluminum.

I would like to draw your attention to the gearbox and transfer case levers. You can’t see the knuckles on them. It is obvious that gears in SV Rover can be changed with the help of paddle shifters. The modes of the transfer case can be changed by a button. But then what role do the levers sticking out of the floorboards play? They not only have no knuckles, but also have a thread that emphasizes the absence of the latter.
There are only 2 seats in the interior of this car. We are talking about Sparco sports seats covered with alcantara.

Engine and technical specifications of Scarbo Vintage SV Rover.

This supercar can be equipped with a supercharged gasoline V8 with 115 horsepower. Unfortunately the exact details of the engine are not known right now. But with the engine will be docked 8-speed, automatic transmission. Thanks to the transfer case, the car will be able to go on the rear, or all-wheel drive. The fuel tank holds 65 gallons of fuel.
Fans of electric cars can choose a modification with electric motors, the combined power of which is 1,025 horsepower.

Unfortunately, now there is no exact data on the dynamic capabilities of the new car. But for its deceleration are used carbon-ceramic brake disks Brembo, with a diameter of 400mm. Of course, such a car is equipped with air suspension. And the electric version is powered by 75kW lithium-ion batteries.

This is an impressive car. And though I am far from the automobile business, but it seems to me such a car will find admirers far beyond California and the USA. I can already imagine supercars like this climbing the sands not far from Dabai. My next article will be about F1, – as I think, no less impressive car from Scarbo Vintage.

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