Vector WX-3

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This Vector WX-3 was to be the successor to the iconic W8 and a competitor to the best, Italian supercars. Unfortunately, only two of these cars were produced, one of which belonged to the founder of the company – Gerald Wiegert. This model was the last car produced under the leadership of this talented man. A little later, the Vector company changed its owner and Wiegert was no longer able to influence the direction of the company.

Vector WX-3 was shown in ’92 in Geneva. The production of the supercar was carried out in Willington, California. It was planned that this Vector would be offered in three power options, ranging from 600 to 1200 horsepower. Let’s remember again that this was ’92! 1,200 horsepower was fantastic power for the time. Even 600 horsepower in ’92 was a lot of power. The Lamborghini Diablo at the time produced 490 horsepower and the Ferrari Testarossa produced 380 horsepower.

Vector WX-3 price and value.

In 2019, a purple roadster was sold at a Sothebys auction in Arizona for $555,000. In my opinion this is quite a small value, as for such an exclusive and powerful car. The second copy owned by Gerald Wiegert was also sold at auction.

Appearance and photos.

Stylistically, the WX-3 is a continuation of the W8. There are also “blind” headlights, but if in the WX-3 the headlight is raised, then in the earlier W8 – moved the flap above the headlight (a more exclusive solution).

Guillatine type doors were also already used on the W8. I think everyone knows that such doors were widely used on the Lamborghini Countach. Note that the glazing area in the WX-3 is split in two.
At the heart of the Vector WX-3’s construction is a frame to which aluminum panels are attached, including a very strong honeycomb of aluminum. The panels are fastened with special, aircraft rivets. In terms of body structure, the WX-3 is also very similar to the W8. Note the shape of the wheel arches – the newer WX-3 is also reminiscent of the W8. The new model is immediately recognizable by the air ducts in the front fender, behind the wheel.

The Vector WX-3 was equipped with an active anti-wing at the rear. Pay attention to the location of the gas tank cap – this solution was also borrowed from the W8.
The roadster was painted in fillet color, and the windshield frame was hidden behind the glass itself. The coupe was originally painted silver. This particular car was owned by Gerald Wiegert, but it was later repainted green.

Interior and equipment.

The steering wheel and monitor installed in the WX-3 were borrowed from the W8. The WX-3 also has sliding windows on the side windows. A one-piece, three-seat seat was supposed to be an option. And after all, the supercar from Vector was shown long before the McLaren F1.

It seems the creators of this car tried to give the owner of WX-3 an opportunity to demonstrate power, speed and comfort to not one, but two passengers at once. The rearview mirror was built into the upper frame of the windshield.

By the standards of supercars, rearward visibility is quite good. There is a large trunk at the rear of the car.

Engine and technical characteristics of the Vector WX-3.

In the base of the supercar Vector WX-3 was installed V8 with a volume of 7 liters. The block of this engine was cast from aluminum, – of course to lighten the whole machine. The engine was equipped with 32 valves and in the 1000 horsepower version could accelerate the American supercar to 100km per hour in just 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the Vector WX-3 is specified at the level of 350 km per hour. Let me remind you that there is a rather old, still three-speed automatic transmission. The same solution was used in the W8, and it’s just crazy).

The engine, as on the W8, is mounted transversely to the body.

The exact reasons are not known to me, but it was not possible to establish demand for these supercars and their production. It is known that both prototypes were sold at auction, and the proceeds were invested in the WX-8. It is a beautiful, very powerful and unusual car. I’m sure when looking at photos of the Vector supercar, most would think it’s an Italian supercar. But this is an American car, with a very powerful, supercharged V8 and a three-speed automatic.

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