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The new Western Star 47X is shorter than the 49X. Compared to the latter, it has a 10-inch shorter hood. This is very beneficial when working in tight, construction or quarry conditions. In addition to improved maneuverability, the shorter hood also improves visibility. This is also important when working in confined spaces.
These machines are often customized and equipped with additional attachments. This can be a snow removal bucket, because even on city streets 47X feels more free than larger tractors. Of course, these machines are used as dump trucks and mixers for concrete. In some configurations, 2 steering axles can be installed at the front. These machines are characterized by a higher payload.
This is the newest X-series machine. It came out after the 49X or 57X and carries some solutions that were previously used on these models. Thus, heated headlights will help to avoid frosting in regions with cold climate and misting in areas with warm but humid climate.

Western Star 47X price and sales.

You can buy the Western Star 47X chassis without the optional equipment for $146,975. It will be a 2024 model with a GVWR of 24 tons, a Cummins engine with 360 horsepower and an automatic transmission.

Appearance and photos.

Upon exterior inspection of the Western Star 47X, the first thing that stands out is the aforementioned, shorter hood. The latter is not only shorter, but also lighter. It is made of the same impact-resistant plastic as on the 49X model. The main design features are very reminiscent of the 49X – headlights, radiator grille and air intakes on the sides of the hood, in which the parking light indicators are mounted.

Low roof makes it easy to integrate additional equipment. Even a crane can be installed on such a chassis. The absolute majority of 47X have a short cabin. Some machines are equipped with windows on the rear wall of the cabin. But a 36-inch long sleeper is available as an option. Taking into account the specifics of this machine, it can be assumed that not many tractors with a sleeper will be produced.
The cab itself is made of aluminum, but reinforced with additional metal ones. Reinforcement is present in the area of rear view mirror mounting – this is done in order to minimize the vibration of the mirror and improve visibility. The rear part of the cab is attached to the frame through air cushions, – as on large, long-haul tractors. The frame itself is 9.5mm thick and in some versions can be reinforced with special inserts.

The uncovered fuel tank holds 77 gallons (290 liters) of fuel. It and the upward-facing exhaust pipes are sure to please classic track enthusiasts. This Western Star’s construction purpose is indicated by the plastic extensions on the front wheel arches. Wheel rims are made of aluminum, and bumpers are covered with chrome.

Interior and equipment.

Thanks to the high and wide door opening, it is easy to get behind the wheel of this truck even with a helmet. Special handrails are provided for a more comfortable landing. Not only the shorter and sloping hood, but also the one-piece windshield provides better visibility. Unfortunately, I do not know its thickness, but in case of damage it will have to be replaced completely. There is some disadvantage in this, but this is the tendency of modern tractors.

Pedals are made of aluminum and have rubber pads.
All in all, it’s a comfortable workplace. It’s not the motorhome that the 57X is. But it should be understood that adding a large sleeping compartment would significantly increase the length of the track, and thus worsen maneuverability. And the whole philosophy of the 47X is around good maneuverability in limited space.

Engine and specifications of the Western Star 47X.

The engine for the Western Star 47X is a Detroit DD13, or Cummins L9 and X12.
The manual transmission is a Detroit dt12v. The automatic transmission is allison.
The rear suspension is air suspension and this contributes to the comfort.

This machine will probably be in demand on construction sites and everywhere where heavy work is needed, but there is not enough space for a larger truck. This machine can easily clear snow from city streets, even with cars parked on the sides. 47X can be used as a machine for garbage removal, because such a technique has the need to pass in a tight, urban development.
I think this machine will be in demand among large companies. The list of works that can be performed by this machine is extremely wide. Therefore, for sure, very soon, we will see it on the roads.

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