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This machine is produced by the smallest tractor manufacturer in the United States. The new Western Star 57X has replaced the 5700XE. The new model is 5.8% more fuel efficient, and among aerodynamic tractors fuel efficiency is of great importance. As before, the machine is produced in Cleveland, North Carolina.

In addition to improved fuel efficiency, Western Star has made the new machine as easy to drive as possible. For this purpose, the new truck is equipped with cruise control Intelligent Powertrain Management. During operation, this system takes into account terrain data. The system collects data with the help of a radar located slightly above the bumper and cameras behind the windshield. Thanks to this system, the car can start and slow down in traffic and keep a distance to the car in front of it. Western Star 57X is equipped with a system of keeping in the lane, which informs the driver about the appearance of the car in the vicinity.

Price and sale Western Star 57X.

Looking through the Western Star 57X for sale listings on Truck Paper I saw the following offers. In California, a 2024 57X with a 505 horsepower engine is for sale for $195,000. In Virginia, a short and low cab Day Cab is for sale for $165,900. In the second announcement the engine on the car is the same as in the first one.

Appearance and photos.

The new Western Star 57X is easily recognized by the new headlights. These are Led headlights equipped with heating. Heating is switched on with the help of a special sensor, which anticipates possible frosting or simple misting of the headlights.

Unlike the previous model, which had a two-piece windshield, the 57X has a one-piece glass. It provides 28% better forward visibility. Above the glass is a sun visor with additional parking lights.
The new truck can be recognized by the two-part radiator grille, which is joined at the top by the brand’s emblem. The Western Star 57X is available in two sleeper options – 60 and 72 inches. In the previous model 5700XE, the sleeper could be larger. The height of the cab itself can be 152 and 183 cm.
Inspecting the tractor from the side, you can see a large window of the sleeping compartment, it has a size of 22*31,5d.

In the basic equipment, the exhaust pipes are taken out under the bottom. But at the customer’s request, 2 exhaust pipes can be mounted behind the cab or behind the sleeping compartment. Special wheel covers are available as an option, which have a smooth, flat surface and contribute to aerodynamics.

The front bumper consists of two parts, so in case of damage, it will not have to be replaced in its entirety. The hood consists of three parts, and on its side parts you can see air intakes with the company logo.

Visually, the 57X is done in the company’s signature style. Although it is an aerodynamic tractor, but its body panels have a flatter shape than the competitors’ tractors.
A special hatch under the top step provides easy access to the batteries. The gas tank cap is also covered by a small hatch.

Interior and equipment.

Handrails have been added to the cab for easier access to the driver’s seat. The door itself opens to 70 degrees, and the pocket on the door trim is reinforced so that it can also be used as a handrail when getting into the driver’s seat. There is keyless access to the cabin. The polik under the driver’s seat received an aluminum overlay.

For the first time in the history of the Western Star brand there is a digital dashboard. It has a diagonal of 12 inches, another screen with a diagonal of 10 inches is installed in the center console.

The center display can be controlled by buttons below it, or by buttons on the steering wheel. The display in place of the instrument panel is controlled only by buttons on the steering wheel. The steering wheel is adjustable in both directions and has buttons on it to control cruise control, headlights, music system and telephone.

In the Premium version, the seats have leather trim. Such cars have better noise insulation, and the door trim has inserts imitating wood.

There is a folding table under the lower sofa. Behind the driver’s seat there is a large cabinet, and behind the passenger seat there is a cabinet with a refrigerator. This layout is similar to other conventional tractors. In the sleeper compartment there is a control unit for the climate control system. A folding ladder made of aluminum can be used to access the upper sofa.

Western Star 57X engine and specifications.

Detroit Diesel engines are available for the Western Star 57X in DD13, 15 and 16 versions. The maximum power reaches up to 605 horsepower. These motors are known from Freightliner as well as other tractors from the USA. They are powerful, reliable and maintainable powertrains.
You can see from the photo that the cooling system expansion tank is mounted in the front, in the same location as on the 5700XE. While other manufacturers move it to the rear to make the hood slope steeper and improve aerodynamics.

A DT12 Direct manual transmission is available for the 57X. There’s also a Might-Speed automatic transmission.
The suspension has pneumatic cushions, thanks to which it is possible to change the stiffness and height. This has been the norm for a long time.

The new Western Star tractor is more technologically advanced, and although its engines remain the same, it has received systems that make it easier to control. This can be very useful on long trips. The driver of such a machine will be less tired.
A significant disadvantage is the shorter sleeping compartments than were offered on the 5700XE. I don’t think you can say that anyone bought a Western Star because of the largest sleeping compartment. Perhaps North Carolina thought that a small reduction in the length of the sleeping compartment, while providing high functionality, would not significantly affect the internal volume.

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