Western Star 6900XD

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This is one of the largest and heaviest Western Star machines. This tractor is available in three, four and even five-axle versions, where two axles are front. Western Star 6900XD is used for transportation of very heavy loads in areas where there are no good roads. This truck is popular among loggers, as well as in the oil and gas industry. The machine can be used for delivery of oversized equipment over difficult terrain.

Price and sale Western Star 6900XD.

Looking through the ads about Western Star 6900XD for sale it seemed to me that there are not so many offers. The cost of these tractors is quite high, especially when it comes to four and five axle machines.
In New York, a three-axle Western Star 6900XD equipped with a 14.8 liter Detroit engine and 58,000 miles on the odometer sells for $94,500. In New York, a 2000 Western Star 6900XD with 483,385 miles sells for $45,900. The second sale is also a three-axle machine. As you can see, considering the year and mileage, these tractors are worth quite a bit. But if it is a four-wheel drive, four- or five-axle machine with special equipment, the price will be many times higher. But even such machines are bought, because they are able to do the work, which is not possible for other tractors.

Appearance and photo.

Western Star 6900XD is available only with a short and low cab. This machine is not designed for long hauls. The cab itself is narrow and it is easy to assume that there is not much room in it. Two separate windshields make it easy to replace in case of damage. This decision also indicates that this is not a new truck. The trucks in the modification of dump truck are equipped with a body, which covers the cab with its canopy. Such equipment is necessary for vehicles working in a quarry, where the cargo can fall past the body. The tipper body is lifted by two large hydraulic cylinders.

I would like to draw your attention to the guards on the sides of the front fenders and in front of the radiator grille. This solution is usually used on quarry trucks. In the case of Western Star, these guards help when repairing the engine. The front fenders have metal, grooved plates that serve as a floor for repairs. There is a double-leaf hood of the aligator type. This hood opening scheme was used before World War II.

Look how big the radiator grille is here. In classic fashion, the exhaust pipes are upward, and the fuel tanks are not covered by fairings. The air filter housings are also out of the hood, which makes maintenance easier. It is clear that aerodynamics on this tractor is of the last importance.
The wheelbase of the four-axle machine is 300d. The window in the right door is very similar to the 5700XE.

To improve cross-country ability, special, rubber tracks can be put on the rear wheels. Although this option is not common, but it is extremely useful in mud or in deep and loose snow.

Interior and equipment.

In spite of all utilitarianism, the front panel has a plastic lining. The steering wheel is not so large in diameter, as it may seem from the outside. The steering wheel has metal spokes. The transmission lever is not too long, as it is for an American truck. All in all, this is a pretty utilitarian truck, especially compared to the new 57X tractor. Of course there is a radio and a music system can be installed, but don’t look for digital screens here.

Western Star 6900XD engine and specs.

Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines are available for this tractor. Depending on the engine modification, horsepower ranges from 425ti to 600 horsepower. Of course, depending on the engine and wheel configuration, the main gear ratio varies.

All-wheel drive 6900XDs are equipped with Axel Tech front axles. The same manufacturer also supplies the rear axles for the Western Star. Three leaf springs are installed at the front, and 12 leaf springs at the rear. However, the number of springs may vary depending on the specific modification. On four and five-axle machines turn two front axles.

The transfer gearbox is from Axel Tech. The gearbox is in most cases mechanical Eaton Fuller. The number of gears also varies depending on the number of axles, GVWR and intended use of the truck. Load capacity of a three-axle dump truck is 40 tons, which is a lot for a machine with such a wheel arrangement.

This is a special technique that is used only in the most difficult conditions. The most reliable units and assemblies are used in this truck, and therefore they can do things that other vehicles would quickly fail.

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