1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D

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There is only a little more information on both google and youtube about the 1915 Stevens – Duryea Model D than there is about the Model S we talked about a while back. The Model D was released nine years after the Model S, and although it has a slightly smaller engine, it is still one of the largest and most powerful engines of its time. In terms of horsepower, the Stevens-Duryea inline-six was only 5 horsepower behind the stunning Packard V12. However, the Model D engine had 10% more displacement than the 1915 Twin Six. Compared to the 1914 Cadillac Type 51 with the V8 engine, the Stevens-Duryea was 10 horsepower more powerful.

After the production of the 1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D, the company ceased to exist for 3 years. Then Frank Duryea took his stock and left the company, which was revived in ’19 by some of the employees.
It was a stunning successor to the Model S with a 9.6 liter engine. It was amazing not only for its power, but also for its comfort, technology and price.
There is very little information about this car, but I found interesting videos on Richard Estey channel. On this YouTube – channel was made demonstration of restorations of this grandiose car.

Price and value of 1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D.

Just imagine that a new 1915 Stevens-Duryea cost $9,500 dollars. According to some sources, at that time the salary of a doctor in the U.S. for a year was 3,000 dollars. Of course, not everyone could afford such a car.

Exterior and photos of 1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D.

1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D was produced in two variants of wheelbase, – 131 and 138 inches. Tires from the manufacturer Pirelli are white. On the roadster, the spare tires are mounted in the rear of the car.

There are special boxes above the footrests, in the sills. The battery is installed in the area of the rear right sill. Body panels are made of aluminum, which is very unusual for that time. This solution was used in 1923 McFarlan Model 154.
The emblem on the radiator cap is equipped with a thermometer. At that time this solution was used on premium cars.

Interior and equipment of 1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D.

For the first time in the history of Stevens-Duryea cars, the steering wheel was mounted on the left side. The gearbox and parking brake lever was mounted in the middle of the passenger compartment, not outside of it as on previous models.

The rim of the steering wheel is finished in wood, as is the front panel. Among the instruments one can notice a clock with Stevens-Duryea inscription. The interior of the car whose photos are attached to the article is designed for 7 people.

Engine and technical specifications of 1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D.

Under the hood of Stevens-Duryea there is a huge, six-cylinder engine. From the photo you can notice that the engine block is made of three parts, – two cylinders each. For each cylinder there are two candles. From the photo you can notice the devices through which you can pour fuel into the combustion chamber. Just from the photo you can notice a lot of parts made of brass. So the cooling system pipes are made of this material. This material does not oxidize like steel and that is why it was used in this expensive car. On the engine block you can notice a plate attached with screws. The cooling fan has eight blades. And there’s a very thick cooling radiator.

The 1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D has a 472 cubic inch (7.7L) engine. Maximum output of 80 horsepower is achieved at 1,800 rpm.

It is also very unusual in that the starter and alternator are mounted in a single unit attached to the transmission. Pay attention to the shock absorbers. They have not only oil, but also a pneumatic area. It is for this reason that an air pump is installed on the car (shown in the photo) and this partly explains the incredibly high cost. The suspension is leaf spring and the gearbox is manual.

This is an amazing car. It’s astonishing in terms of its engine and its technology. I’m sorry to see this car brand disappear, as they were once one of the most luxurious cars in America.

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