2007 Ford Crown Victory

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It’s an old school American car. And this 2007 Ford Crown Viktoria is probably the most famous cab and police car I know of. It was these yellow cars that filled the streets of New York and other American cities for decades. The design of this Ford sedan was anachronistic when it came out in ’98. But just imagine – few SUVs today are equipped with a frame, and here there is a frame on the sedan! And this is America’s last, frame sedan. This car only briefly outlived its coplatable models; – Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquise.

Such, time-tested, reliable, but simple solutions and laid an incredible reserve of durability in this car. And due to the phenomenal durability and comfort, the Crown Victoria is loved not only in the USA, but also (this may surprise you) in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In these eastern countries, the frame sedan from Ford is valued for its relative cheapness, reliability and roominess. By the way – the latest car of this model was sent to Saudi Arabia. And one of the police interceptors was removed from service in California only in 2020. While the U.S. Police had been receiving new Ford Explorer and Dodge Charger for a long time.

2007 Ford Crown Victory is the second generation. This car was produced from 1998 to 2011, with a major upgrade in 2003. If the Town Car was very popular with Americans, the situation with the Crown Victoria was very different. Cab fleets were 95% full of this model, and police fleets were 85% Crown Victoria. In ’98 and ’99, 111,000 and 114,000 cars were sold, respectively. But gradually, even in America, the demand for the model was falling. In ‘9 and ’10, 33,000 cars were sold. It seemed that Americans did not need such, super-reliable, but technically outdated car. However, from ’91 to 2011 it was produced and sold 1,500,000 of these cars. Prior to 2007, Ford produced in the States, but after the plant in Wixom, production was transferred to Canada.

Sale and Price 2007 Ford Crown Victoria.

A new Crown Victoria could be purchased for $24,000. By comparison, the price of a base Lincoln Town Car started at $38,500. Today, a badly worn Ford sedan can be bought for $1,000. But cars in good condition rarely sell for more than $10,000. Today, the price of the Town Car and Crown Victoria has become identical. The cost is determined by the mileage, the year of manufacture and most importantly – the condition of a particular instance.

Appearance and photos.
As you know, the basis of this Ford’s design is the frame. In 2003 the frame was made using hydroforming technology, which provided even more rigidity and safety.

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is easily recognized by the metal protection at the front of the car. True, this element distinguishes the car only in the standard modification, in which its trunk is decorated with the inscription – Police Interceptor, radiator grille painted black and tires are put on metal, stamped rims (which are much easier to repair than cast). The standard, police Interceptor is also equipped with a rotating spotlight on the roof pillar on the driver’s side. This allows the policeman to inspect a suspicious alleyway during a night patrol. The Street version is painted in a civilian color scheme, without exterior attributes. This vehicle is designed for covert surveillance and sudden operations.

Despite the frame construction the curb weight of the Crown Victory is not great – 1750 kg. This is a car with a length of 5,385 mm and a wheelbase of 2,913 mm. The base car was equipped with 225/60 R16 tires. Front brake discs have a diameter of 12.4d (315mm), rear discs have a diameter of 11.1d (282mm). The drag coefficient is 0.37.

Overall, the Crown Victory’s appearance is the most relaxed and traditional of the three, single-base models. Of course, the Town Car has the most flamboyant look. But just like on the Lincoln, the Ford driver’s door can be equipped with a code lock, with numbers above the handle. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to open the door even without a key.

Interior and equipment.

As in the case of the Town Car, on the right side of the dashboard, on the plastic imitating wood there is an inscription with the name of the model. Of course, in the case of Ford, it is the Crown Victoria, not the Town Car. Base equipment of this sedan includes; – electric driver’s seat, sound system with four speakers (Lincoln has 9 speakers even in base) and air conditioning. There are three buttons on the driver’s visor. This equipment is also switched on in other cars, which share base with Ford. These buttons are designed for opening / closing the garage door.

Of course, the main feature of the Crown Victory’s cabin is spaciousness and comfort. The front sofa is designed for three people. There is no central safety belt, but three people can easily fit here. Of course, the gear lever is set on the steering column, which is the norm for classic American cars.
Though the Town Car is longer than Ford, but the trunk capacity of these, single-platform cars is absolutely identical; – 583 liters.

The front seats of Police Interceptor had cloth upholstery. The rear ones were covered with vinyl, because it is easier to clean. Some police cars were equipped with a plastic rear seat. This couch was designed for the most violent detainees. Of course, police Ford had a partition between the driver and passenger compartment.

Engine and specs of 2007 Ford Crown Victoria.

The 4.6 liter V8 petrol engine had only 16 valves, and was intentionally underpowered. In many ways it is squeezed motor complies with its great resource. There are plenty of online reviews where owners share their experiences that with several hundred thousand miles, their Crown Victory never needed serious maintenance.

Depending on the modification, the Ford engine produced 200, 224, 227 and 239 horsepower. The last modification was intended just for the police. This engine has a torque of 373Nm at 4,000 rpm and a compression ratio of 9.4:1. This is quite a high compression ratio for a classic American car.
In addition to the more powerful engine, the Police Interceptor has a powerful 200 watt alternator, as well as an external oil cooler. The Police Interceptor also had a reinforced frame, shorter rear axle reduction for better acceleration, and sharper steering.
In 2002 the suspension and steering were upgraded. The suspension on all axles here is spring, while the Town Car has air cylinders in the rear. In 2003, the lower arms began to be made of aluminum, which is somewhat unusual given the Crown Victory’s image as a super-reliable car. The latter change, however, didn’t affect reliability. The ball joints on this sedan are replaced separately from the levers.
The Crown Victoria engine is filled with synthetic and semi-synthetic oil grades: 5W30, 5W40, 10W30 and 10W40. And if you change the oil in such an engine often, it will not even pass 1,000,000 miles, but will run forever.

Today, nobody in the world makes anything similar to the Crown Victory for a long time. It is a car with a fantastic margin of safety. In due course, even Americans thought that such reserve of reliability and strength is excessive. But today it is quite realistic to buy such a Ford in good condition, despite the fact that the majority of the cars produced were used in the Police and Taxi, thanks to the overall reliability, despite the huge mileage, they continue to go and almost do not give problems to their owners. Relatively small number of Crown Victoria still fall into private hands and have not such high mileage. By the way, today you can buy a Police Interceptor even on Ebay and such offers are not small.

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