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Getting out from under the steering wheel of this Freighliner truck is not an easy task. Freightliner FLB is not as comfortable as the next Argosy. But it is a strong, reliable, simple structurally and charismatic machine. There are vehicles with more than 2,000,000 miles that even today do not require major repairs.

Thanks to the bonnetless layout FLB has better maneuverability in comparison with bonneted cars. But only with such a developed infrastructure as in the USA, there is no need for exceptional maneuverability.
I think to buy such a Freightliner today can only be a fan in love with this truck. There are not so many offers for sale FLB and it is not so comfortable for long trips, as well as for recreation during these trips, as for example Classic. The over-the-wheel seating does not provide the same level of comfort as on conventional tractors. The front seats here are separated by a high floor, under which the engine is located. Just behind the backs of the front seats is a very wide bed. Sleeping place is impressive in its width, but it does not leave a place where the driver could freely walk and stretch.
But all this does not embarrass those who have long owned such a car. Such owners order custom fenders and bumpers on their FLB. Stylistically, they get just stunning machines that attract the eyes of all around.

Price and sale of Freightliner FLB.

There are not so many of these Freightliner trucks for sale. This is due not only to the fact that they are not new machines, but also because not many owners want to sell their truck.
In good condition, such machines are more expensive than many, bonneted tractors. So while looking through the classifieds, I saw an offer on a Flemington. where a ’98 FLB 60 was being sold for $51,800. Judging by the photos, the car made a pretty good impression.

Looks and photos.

The steps to get into the FLB cab are just behind the front wheel. Above them and immediately under the handrails you can notice the Freightliner designation. Similar handrails were later installed on the Argosy. Additional handrails could be installed on the fairing at the rear of the cab and behind the cab. The Freightliner cab was made of aluminum sheets, which were joined with rivets. The open, uncovered fuel tanks hold 140 gallons each, which is equivalent to 530 liters.

Air horn klaxons can be mounted on the roof. And the headlights are very similar to those fitted to the bonneted Classic. The exhaust system pipe is led upwards and is fixed behind the cabin. Right behind the door you can see a hatch, which covers the compartment used for spare parts, tools and other things.
Above the right headlight there is another, though not a big hatch. Having opened it, you can see a neck for filling oil into the engine, as well as a dipstick for checking engine oil. The latter is about 2 meters long.

If you stand in front of this truck on the ground, not everyone will be able to reach the bottom of the windshields with an outstretched hand. Looking at the Freightliner FLB from the side, you can notice that the cab of this truck is rigidly attached to the frame. There is no air suspension in the rear of the cab, although it was used in the more expensive Classic.
FLB could be equipped with aluminum wheels. Such wheels give the truck a stylish and expensive look.

Interior and equipment.

A window in the right door allows not only to notice a passenger car on the right side, but also helps when parking. There is not a lot of chrome in the FLB cabin, and the instrument trim is mostly plastic. This is not a premium tractor, but a truck for work. There may be a pneumatic signal loop under the ceiling, and among the gauges you can find a transmission temperature gauge. Compared to conventional tractors from America, the transmission lever is unusually short here. Freightliner lettering can be seen on the door handle.
There are two glove compartments in the front panel of the FLB, – in the center part of the panel and in front of the front passenger. In the glove compartment cover in front of the passenger there are two not deep cup holders. It is unlikely to use them while driving, but they can be useful at a parking lot.
The sleeping compartment can be shielded from the driver with a special curtain. But what is even more interesting is that the lower bed itself can be separated by an additional curtain. The bed is very wide and can accommodate two people. The cabin is equipped with an additional heater, and the cabin is lifted with a hydraulic lift.
In general, despite the very wide mattress, there is not much space in the FLB cab. This is not the kind of truck that allows you to make a charge without leaving the cab. This truck is more designed for work than for rest.

Engine and specifications of the Freightliner FLB.

Detroit Diesel 60 series engine with a volume of 9.9 liters produces 330 horsepower. This engine is coupled with a 10-speed manual transmission Eaton Fuller.
The Cummins N14 engine has an inline configuration and with a displacement of 14 liters gives an output of 420 horsepower.

Freightliner FLB trucks could be equipped with PTO. Such equipment was necessary, for example, for concrete mixers. Many trucks were equipped with a locking rear differential, which significantly increased passability in mud and made it easier to move on ice and slippery snow. Suspension on all axles was spring, and brakes were drum.

Today it is not the most convenient for work, but it is powerful, repairable and reliable. Such a truck always stands out on the road and in the parking lot. Despite not the best conditions for rest, there is a very wide lower bed. For a driver who works alone, this is more than enough space for resting. And it’s a stunningly stylish machine that has become an icon by now.

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