1907 Thomas Flyer Model 35

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In my opinion, this 1907 Thomas Flyer Model 35 is in the same league as Pierce’s Arrow Model 66 and Peerless Model 60. The Thomas Model 35 was one of the most expensive and powerful cars of its time. I … Continued

Scarbo Vintage F1

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Do you think Formula 1 used to be more dangerous, entertaining and interesting? Would you like to be in a racing car of the 60s, when the outcome of the race was much more dependent on the pilot than on … Continued

Scarbo Vintage SV Rover

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Vintage SV was the third model of the brand, but it was thanks to it that I learned about Scarbo Vintage car brand from California. I must admit – I was very interested in collecting information about this supercar of … Continued

Autocar ACX

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This vehicle is often used in the USA for garbage collection. Perhaps that is why it did not become a hero of action movies, like some trucks from Peterbilt, or Kenworth. But it is a technologically advanced truck, which uses … Continued

2018 Autocar ACTT

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I learned about Autocar trucks not long ago, it happened thanks to Jay Leno’s program. Probably such a late acquaintance can be explained by the fact that I live not in the U.S., but in Ukraine, where it is not … Continued

Autocar DK64

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I think not everyone even in the USA remembers about Autocar trucks today. In Ukraine, not many people have heard of these trucks, although we have Freightliner or International. I learned about this car manufacturer from the USA from Jay … Continued

1904 Autocar Coal Truck

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Living in Ukraine, I have never heard of Autocar trucks. Even though I have been interested in cars since the 7th grade of school and know about such rare cars from the USA as McFarlan, Baker, Franklin, or Winton. I … Continued

1937 Fordson Thames 7v

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The 1937 Fordson Thames 7v was the successor to the Model BB. It had a payload of up to 5 tons, making the 7v a medium duty truck. It was a cabover truck with a single, rear axle – which … Continued

1915 Stevens-Duryea Model D

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There is only a little more information on both google and youtube about the 1915 Stevens – Duryea Model D than there is about the Model S we talked about a while back. The Model D was released nine years … Continued